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Observation done by people in the year 2000

This page is under construction

The observations that was done by the italian researchers this summer, can be found on their web.

Date: 20.12.2000 Time: 01:33 APM Place: Vårhus in Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold.
When Bjarne went up from bed in the middle of the night, he looked out of the window. He saw a light just above the Aspås farms, which is in north-north-west direction. It was standing still. Bjarne went away from the windows for a short time. When he got back, he saw that the light was moving slowly towards south. It went out of sight for Bjarne.
Hessdalen AMS did record a light at 01:43:28. It is probably the same light as Bjarne saw.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 07.12.2000 Time: 07:34 AM Place: Kjerrenvollen, south in Hessdalen
Observers: Anngerd Gildset.
Anngerd was working with her cows in the cowhouse. She went out, to walk the few metres into her living house. Then she saw a bright light in north-north-east. It was about 7° above the horizon. It was standing still. Anngerd went into the cowhouse for a minute, and when she came out, the light was gone. She did see a plane going towards north.

This light was also seen from another farm, further south in Hessdalen. They saw it at 7:40 AM, a little bit more to the west of Hessdalen valley. The color was red-yellow. The light was also seen one hour later. Using binoculars did the observer see that the light pulsated.
Ref. Anngerd Gildset and Jan Moen

Date: 02.12.2000 Time: 07:07 PM Place: Vårhus in Hessdalen
Observers: Bjørn and his wife Elena Lillevold, and Bjarne Lillevold.
Bjørn and Elena was going into Bjarne and Hallfrid's house. Then they saw a light in south-west, above the hill Heggsethøgda, moving towards north. When Bjørn and Elena had gone up the stairs in front of the entrance, they saw that the light was standing still. They alarmed Bjarne, so he also could see it. Bjarne saw the light standing still. Then, suddenly, did it flash two times, and disappeared behind mount Finnsåhøgda.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 01.12.2000 Time: 07:35 PM Place: On the road no.30, driving from Ålen, just before going up to Hessdalen
Observers: Bjørn and his mother Hallfrid Lillevold.
Bjørn and Hallfrid was driving home to Hessdalen, from Ålen, on the main road no.30. 400 m before they turn off this road and drive up to Hessdalen, they saw a big round light in the north. They did not see it when the road turned into the forest, just before it goes up to Hessdalen. They did not see it again until they had drived up Hessdalslia, and were at the first cottage after the red-cross cottage. They saw the light in west-north-west direction, just above the Aspås farms. It was big and strong, and it disappeared behind mount Finnsåhøgda. The intensity was much stronger than any lights from a plane. It was iluminating all the time, no flashing. It looked like it changed direction when it went behind mount Finnsåhøgda. It was cloudy that evening. The clock was 7:50 PM when they arrived at home. Based on that, they say that the clock should have been 7:35 PM when they saw the light the first time.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 29.11.2000 Time: 8:20 AM Place: Hessdalslia
Observer: Jon Arvid Aspås.
Jon Arvid was on the road towards Ålen, from his home in Hessdalen. The clock was 8:20 AM when he was at Hessdalslia. There was a light in the valley Øggdalen, against mount Litlfjellet. The light was below the ridge of Litlefjellet. Jon Arvid picked up his 8x32 binoculars, and then he saw that the shape was as a hat with an edge in the lower part of the light. The light followed the Øggdalen valley until it ends out in the valley Midtre Gauldal. Then the light changed direction towards north and it disappeared in the Haltdalen direction. The distance from Jon Arvid was about 3 km. The color was yellow-red, like the sun when it goes down. The intensity was not so strong. Jon Arvid said that the speed was about 30 km/h. He was looking at the light from 5 to 10 minutes.
Ref. Jon Arvid Aspås

Date: 14.11.2000 Time: 6:00 PM Place: 8 km south of Ålen
Observers: Tore and Svein Erik Hitterdal, and Jorun Holden.
They saw a strange light with many colors. With the binoculars they could see that the shape was changing from a triangular shape to many sides, like a star with many spikes out of it. Many different colors. The light was about three times bigger than a strong star. It was located in the north, in the direction towards mount Rognefjell. At 6:45 PM did the intensity decrease and it faded away.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 10.11.2000 Time: 9:50 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observers: Jan Moen and a friend.
Jan and his friend saw two lights, just above the horizon in the south, moving from west to east. The distance between these two lights was about 3° The distance was the same all the time. The were a low intensity, and they disappeared behind the mountain. Total observation time is 30 seconds.
Ref. Jan Moen

Date: 31.10.2000 Time: 10:50 PM Place: Vårhus in Hessdalen
Observers: Bjørn, Bjarne and Hallfrid Lillevold.
A light was coming from the Aspås farms (in north-west). It went towards south, just below the rigde of mount Finnsåhøgda. It was two lights close together, a red on the top, with a green below. These lights were flashing. The lights stopped when they were just above the road that goes towards the lake Øyungen. They were standing still for 3 seconds. The movement started again, but now slower. The lights went out of sights, above the lake Øyungen. The air-control center said that there were no air-traffic in that area when this happened.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 24.10.2000 Time: 1.48 PM Place: Bjørgåsen, Killingdal
Observer: Tor Gåserud.
Tor was looking out of the window, towards west, at Bjørgåsen Hotel, Killingdal, when he saw a green/yellow just above the southern part of mount Rognefjell. The distance to mount Rognefjell is 9 km. It is difficult to tell if the light was closer to, or further away than this mountain. It was below the clouds. It looked like the clouds were about 200 m above the mountain. If so, then the light was 50 m above the mountain. The intensity was decreasing slowly, until it was gone.
Ref. Tor Gåserud

Date: 22.10.2000 Time: 08:56 AM Place: Røros
Observer: Sigrund Aa.
Sigrund was at home, up in the hillside, 3 km east of the centrum of Røros town. She has a bright view towards west from her home. She suddenly became aware of a bright light in the west, just above the horizon of the mountain ridge. That mountain ridge is located just south of the lake herssjøen, in the souther part of Hessdalen. The light was as big almost as the sun(!). It was standing still for 8-12 minutes, before it moved down behind the mountain ridge.
Ref. Sigrund Aa

Date: 09.10.2000 Time: 09:50 PM Place: Vårhus in Hessdalen
Observers: Bjarne and Hallfrid Lillevold.
A light came up from the horizon in south-west direction, towards Heggsethøgda. It was a blue-green light, shaped as a bullet, moving along a circle, up, to the right, and then going down behind the horizon, further at the north. It comes up again, at the same place where it moved down, following the same circular track from where it showed up the first time. Then the same thing happen again, totally three times. - The whole observation lasted for 30-40 seconds. The temperature was +4.5° Centigrade, much wind, and a few clouds in the sky.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 19.08.2000 Time: 09:55 PM Place: Just north of the town Røros
Observers: Larry Lemke, Thor Stuedal and Erling Strand.
A strong flashing light was moving up the hill. When it was at the horizon, it moved up and down, to the left and to the right. The observers looked at it for 15 minutes, before they went into the car and drived to Hessdalen.
Read the complete report with the pictures.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 13.08.2000 Time: Between 11:00 PM and 11:30 PM Place: Aspåskjølen, north in Hessdalen
Observers: Massimo Teodorani, Stelio Montebugnoli and Carla Salvatori.
Massimo writes: "Distance: about 100m, Direction: East, Position: standing still behind the first row of trees, and just in font of the meadow in Aspåskjølen. Color: white-yellow "neon-like", Noise: a whistle while its light was slowly turning on, Duration: about 10 minutes. Events: 1, Luminosity: constant and at low level (100W bulb-like), Shape: elliptical (with very defined contours clearly distinguished by binocular sight), point-spread-funtion not resembling a plasma-like object, Heigh above ground: about 2 meters, Dimensions: 30-40 cm". (ref: The EMBLA 2000 Mission in Hessdalen, page 11 and 12)."
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 11.08.2000 Time: 00:30 AM Place: Fordal, south-west of Hessdalen
Observers: Kurt Arne Åsen and two friends.
At 11:30 PM on the 10.08.2000, did Kurt and his friends go fishing. When the clock was 00:30 AM (on the 11.08.2000) they were at the lake Langtjønna. Then they saw a light just above mount Middagskneppen, which is in the north. It was a yellow-red light. The light had a searchlight pointing sloping down on to the mountain. They went back to the cottage, and at 01:00 AM did they see another light. They were standing outside the cottage, looking at this light for 20 minutes. Then they went inside.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 11.08.2000 Time: 00:30 AM Place: Hessdalen south
Observers: Massimo Teodorani, Stelio Montebugnoli, Carla Salvatori, Bjørn Gitle Hauge and Gunnar Misund.
We should go out looking for the phenomena. We desided to split in two groups, which could be in contact by radio or mobile phone. First group went to Aspåskjølen, north in Hessdalen. That group consisted of Massimo Teodorani, Stelio Montebugnoli, Carla Salvatori and Bjørn Gitle Hauge. The second group went to the place Slettælet, south east of the lake Øyungen. That group consisted of Gunnar Misund, Thomas Malt and myself, Erling Strand. Just after we had parked the car and while we were preparing the camera equipment, Gunnar saw three lights towards the south. I and Thomas did not see it because we was looking towards north east, which is towards the central part of Hessdalen. Gunnar did not tell us at once, so we were not aware of it. Gunnar turned around, and looked in an other direction. When he turned back to where the three lights were, he saw that they were gone. Then he realised that it was the phenomena he had seen, and then he told us. - The first group saw the phenomena all the time, because the phenomena was in the direction their were looking. It was seem in the south. Massimo describe the phenomena as three "point-like lights disposed in a geometrical configuration (exact equilateral triangle) - underlaying dark triangular object visible with binoculars." and "moving in the sky from 20° (low over horizon) up to 80° along a maximum circle which was close to the zenith. Speed: about 30°/min. Color: white-yellow. Noise: none. Duration: 2-3 minutes. Regime of motion: complex of 3 co-moving lights in an exact triangular disposition, which first moved linearly and slowly towards the observers, then stopped for 5-10 seconds at an height of about 80° while doing a 90° rotation around its axis, lastly slowly disappeared (above over the observers' vertical." (ref: The EMBLA 2000 Mission in Hessdalen, page 11). - The first group tried to alarm the second group by radio, but they did not get through. Some minutes after they tried again, with success, but the phenomena had then dissappeared.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 10.08.2000 Time: 01:00 AM Place: Close to the lake Forolsjøen, south-west of Hessdalen
Observers: Kurt Arne Åsen and Geir Folstad.
Kurt and Geir was at a cottage just beside the lake Forolsjøen, on the eastern side. They saw a strong light in the west, that was reflecting from the lake. It moved up and down. Shortly after it moved towards south and raised higher above the horizon. It felt as if it was close. It moved from side to side. Suddenly they became aware of that it was two lights. It looked like the lights were on both sides of an object.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 09.08.2000 Time: 10:15 PM and 11:10 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observers: Massimo Teodorani and Erling Strand.
At 10:15 PM was a yellow/white flash of light was seen from the hill up to Finnsåhøgda, toward Hessdalen AMS at Vårhus. At 11:10 PM did Massimo see a flash just above mount Rognefjell, which is towards east-north-east.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 05 - 06.08.2000 Time: 11:25 PM to 00:55 AM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Stelio Montebugnoli, Massimo Teodorani, Jader Monari and Erling Strand.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 04.08.2000 Time: 00:05 AM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Stelio Montebugnoli and Jader Monari.
A light .......
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 31.03.2000 Time: 9:30 PM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Stein Carlsen and Arne Folkedal.

Stein and Arne saw a sharp, strong flash of light, just above the mountain Finnsåhøgda. It happened totally three times, with some seconds between each flash.
Ref. Stein Carlsen

Date: 28.02.2000 Time: 6:30 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold.

Bjarne saw a phenomena towards west, just above the mountain Finnsåhøgda.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 11.02.2000 Time: ?? Place: Heggset in Hessdalen
Observer: Jon Arvid Aspås.

Jon saw a phenomena towards south. It moved from the east towards the west. The movement was like a spiral, and it looked like there were coming smoke out from behind.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 20.01.2000 Time: 7.20 PM Place: Bjørgåsen, Killingdal
Observer: Tor Gåserud.
Tor was looking out of the window, towards west, at Bjørgåsen Hotel, Killingdal, when he saw a green/yellow light coming slowly down from the clouds. It had a shape like a cylinder. It was standing still for 3-5 seconds. Then it moved to the left, and then to the right, and then up in the clouds again. It disappeared in the clouds.
Ref. Tor Gåserud

Date: 15.01.2000 Time: 7.30 PM Place: Bjørgåsen, Killingdal
Observer: Tor Gåserud.
Tor was looking out of the window, towards west, at Bjørgåsen Hotel, Killingdal, when he saw a green/yellow light coming slowly down from the clouds. It had a oval shape. It was standing still for 3-5 seconds. Then it moved to the left, and then to the right, and then up in the clouds again. It disappeared in the clouds.
Ref. Tor Gåserud

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