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Project Hessdalen - Automatic Measurement Station (AMS) (Blue Box)

the previous system

A brief description.

The camera systems:

  1. Live streaming. Cam1, Cam 2 and Cam 3
    There are three CCD cameras which transmit live TV all the time (24/7). Two of those are located in the tower at the Blue Box, cam 2 and cam 3. Cam 3 direction is towards south-west, and cam 2 direction is towards north-west. Another CCD cam, cam 1 is located in a tree at the upper station, 171 meter south-east from the Blue Box. The CCD cam used in all these three live stream cams are: Novus NVC-GDN5801C-2. They are analog CCD cams which have a sensivity of 0,00003 lux. With low light they change from colour to a black-and-white mode. The analoge video signals in cam 1, cam 2 and cam 3 are digitalised and sent to each Teradek Cube 200 device, which compress the video signals and send them to a streamingserver at Østfold University College. Links to these live videostreams do you find in the column to the left in the webpage you are now. The time in the lower left part is local time in Hessdalen, Norway.

  2. The alarm systems.
    The video alarm system is developed of our italian friends at The Institute for Radioastronomy. It consists of a Mintron MTV-12V6HC-EX cam (Italian cam), pointing towards mount Finnsåhøgda in the west. That analog cam is connected to a PC with Linux operating system, which is called "Soso PC": The software in this PC is called "soso", and it analyze the video signal from the Mintron cam. If something suddenly show up, an alarm picture and a short video sequence will be saved on the hard disc. The saved video start a couple of seconds before the alarm picture. Each morning are all the alarm pictures, together with the videos, transfered to alarms, on this web ( This video alarm system are running from the afternoon to the morning. In the day time it is turned off. Each picture and video are named by the date and time, and it is the UTC time. (Not local time). Most of these alarms are from know natural sources. Now and then are these removed from this web. Now and then are also interesting alarm pictures and videos moved to "Pictures" you find in the left column.

    There are also two alarm system developed by our german friends at the University of Würzburg. The alarm pictures and videos from their system, are sent to them. It is from German cam and German allsky cam.

Hessdalen AMS

Other equipments in the Blue Box:

  1. Flight detector
    There is a SBS-3 flight detector from Kinetic Avionic Products which are used for mapping of the air traffic. The flight data are sent to, where they are shown on a map. By clicking on the dots on the line for a flight, you will see more data. All the data are saved in a big database, and it is possible to write in a time periode, and see all flights in that periode.

  2. Weather stations
    There are two weather stations. One in the tower at the Blue Box and one at the "upper station", which are 171 m i straight line towards sout east of the Blue Box. This upper station is 50 m higher in altitude than the Blue Box. The weather station in the upper station is mounted in a tree, which influence on the wind measurement. The recorded wind speed will be lower than what it is in the area.

    Totally 5 different sensors are used; Temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and air pressure. All the sensors are connected in to each Ethernut microprossesor. These microprosessors are connected to each LAN and router.

    The microprosessors have a software which measures data from each sensor each minute. Every hour are the weather data transfered to The transfered data are the mean, the max and the min value the last hour.

  3. Radar
    A radar antenna is mounted on top of the 9 meter high tower at the Blue Box. The radar is inside the Blue Bos. The video signal from the radar screen is connected to a Teradek Cube 200, which live stream the radar screen on to the net. It is possible to see the live radar screen. There is no recording of what the radar detects.

  4. Reg
    This is a Random Event Generator (REG) which is one "egg" in the GCP network. This REG is connected to a Linux PC, which read and send data to the GCP server.


The location of the two cameras
The Blue Box in the white border to the left, and the upper station in the white border to the right.

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