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Observations done by people in the year 1999

Date: 16.08.1999 Time: 11:45 PM Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Hallfrid Lillevold.
Hallfrid was in her house when she suddenly heard a hissing sound above her house. It was just as if something was moving above her house.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 03.08.1999 Time: Late afternoon Place: Aspås, Hessdalen
Observer: Jon Aspås.
Jon saw a light, looking like a blank bullet. The light was standing still, in the direction towards mount Rogne, Jon was at his farm at Aspås. He saw the light in a east-south-easth direction.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 24.05.1999 Time: 05:35 PM Sted: Hessdalen
Observers: Ingeborg, Konrad and Jon Engesvold.
The three observers are sitting outside on the open place by the garage of Ingeborg and Konrad. They are using this place often, when the weather allow it. The temperature was cold that evening, so they desided to go inside. When they start moving, they become aware of a strange light. The light was rectangular, white, and stood still below the horizon about 400 to 500 m from them. They see the light in the forest, about 150 to 200 m south of Eggalia, which is in an eastern direction from them. See the map below. Inside the main light they see several smaller lights with different colours, moving up and down inside the main light. Approx 30 seconds later it disappeared in a strange way. It become smaller and moved down in the ground. Konrad said he heard a strange sound while they saw the light. Some kind of whipping sound, similar as from a thermostat going on and off. They estimate the size of the light to be 10 m high.

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The red arrow show where the observers were sitting, and the yellow arrow show where they saw the light.

Ref. Jan Moen

Date: 24.05.1999 Time: 04:59 PM Place: Hessdalslia
Observers: Dagfinn Brattås and his father.
Dagfinn and his father was on tour with the car. When they were driving down the Hessdalslia hill, did they see a strong light coming from mouth Rogne. The light moved toward north, towards Stensli. The light had a tail, like from a rocket. When they arrived home, which is at the bottom of the Hessdalslia hill, Dagfinn noticed that his Certina clock had stopped at 5:05 PM. That was close to the time when they saw the light. The clock was running on batteries. The day after did Dagfinn take his clock to a watchmaker in Trondheim. He bought a new similar clock, and put his old clock in a tray when he returned back home. Two months later did Dagfinn open the tray and saw the clock was working again.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 14.2.1999 Time: 08:35 PM Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold.
Bjarne saw a red light behind the automatic station (towards east). It was moving towards the north. The light changed to colour to blue. It had oval form and there were no sound..
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 04.01.1999 Time: 11:15 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observers: Angjerd Gildset, Irene Moen, Lillian Grønås.
The story is missing

Date: 04.01.1999 Time: 23:00 Place: Hessdalen
Observer: Oddmund Tamlag.
The story is missing
Ref. Jan Moen

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