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Observations done by people in the year 1998

Date: 23.11.1998 Time: 7.30 PM Place: Finnsådalen (between Vårhuskjølen and Finnsåhøgda) Hessdalen
Observers: Bjarne and Hallfrid Lillevold.
Bjarne and Hallfrid were driving towards Finnsådalen. When they were on the road at the hillside at Vårhuskjølen, did they see a big "light" north of their cottage, with is north in Finnsådalen. It was like a "Christmas-tree" which illuminated the forest beneath it. The light had two rings. Bjarne and Hallfrid went out of their car. Four minutes later did the upper ring slowly decrease its intensity. When it was disappeared, did the lower ring become weaker. Short time after was the light gone.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 04.09.1998 Time: 01.07 AM Place: North of Vårhus in Hessdalen
Observers: Anni Lieskar and four friends.
At 1:07 (A.M.) did they see a strange light coming up from the river, going towards the mountain Rogne. Anni Lieskar tell that they were five persons in the car, driving home. On the location where the road curves, just north of Bjarne Lillevold, north in Hessdalen, did they see a green light coming from the left. It was so close to the car that they had to put the brake on. It changes color from green to red and dissappeared behind some trees. This was covered in several newpapers: NTB, Adresseavisa, og Dagbladet.

Ref. Bjarne Lillevold and Erling Strand

Date: 29.03.1998 Time: 11.00 PM Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Hallfrid Lillevold, Hessdalen.
Hallfrid was resting on the sofa, looking out of the window. Then she saw a strong "light" above the mountain Finnsåhøgda, moving toward north. It stopped and stood still for several minutes. Then it moved downwards and dissappear. Total observation time was 5 minutes. Sometimes did it flash. A plane came just after this. The light on the plane was much weaker than the "light", and the flashing was regular and it moved straight toward north. There was a big difference between the plane and the "light".
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 22.03.1998 Time: 9.05 PM Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold, Hessdalen.
Bjarne went out at 9 o'clock. He saw a light south of Finnsåhøgda. It moved fast northward, towards Aspås place. It moved in front of Finnsåhøgda. The color was orange, and it was triangular. It was a white light on the top of the triangle and in the middle of the flat side. When it was at Jon Aspås place, it disappeared. Total observationtime was about 1 minute.
Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 30.01.1998 Time: 11.55 PM Place: Hessdalslia. The road up to Hessdalen from Ålen.
Observer: Ronald Rønning, Hessdalen.
Weather: Clear weather, -27°C
Distance: Between 300 and 500 metre
Ronald was going home by car. In the second last bend before Hessdalen did he see a strong light. At first he thought it was a car standing outside the bend, with the headlight pointing towards him. Ronald has a Whistler type detector, type 1130SW, which made two sound alarms. This devise detect laser beams with a wavelenght of 905nm±50nm and the radiofrequensis: 10.500-10550 GHz, 24.050-24.250 GHz and 33.400-36.000 GHz. Ronald did look down for a second, to control his seat belt. When he looked up again, the light was gone. He did not see any tracks in the snow, from the road to were the light was. It was also a too long distanse to make it possible for any car to go there.
Ref: Erling Strand
Date: 03.01.1998 Time:9.30 PM, 10.20 PM, 10:40 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observers:Günther Schnell, Gard Gramstad and Ann-Cathrin Morteng.
At 9.00 PM we went to Aspåskjølen by car, from the cottage at family Grønås place. At 9.30 we saw some irregular flashing of light towards the souther part of Hessdalen. There was some fog on the mountains, and the lights were in the fog. It looked like the light moved towards west, but we are not sure on that. This observation lasted for 5 minutes. We did stay at the same place until 10.15 PM, when we desided to move to the lake Øyongen, south in Hessdalen. While driving towards Øyongen, when we were on the road close to the church, we saw a big blue light coming up from behind the mountain in west. It moved very fast, turn around 180 °, and go down behind the mountain again. It lasted 2-3 seconds. We did stop when we saw that. After a while we went towards Øyongen again. We parked the car by the bar, which is on the road to Øyongen. We continued by foot. The road goes up a small hill. We saw a light behind the trees. We run up the hill and got a good view down to a small valley. There, 400 to 500 m from us, a red light was hovering. No sound could be heard. The light was in front of the hillside on the other side of the small valley. We could see that it was an object with a form like an oblong triangle. The red light was on that object. We saw this for about two minutes. It moved form left to right in a jerkily movement. It dissappeared behind the mountain at 10.40 PM. Looking at the "light" in my camera, the color was more orange. I managed to take two pictures, but sadly, that part of the film was distroyed. It looked like it was overexposed.
Ref.: Günther Schnell

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