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Observations done by people in 1997

Date: 18.12.1997 Time:17:00 Place: Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold
Bjarne came from the cowhouse. Then he saw a "star" in the west. The first thing he thought of was that it was Sirius. Suddenly the light moved towards north. After a while it stopped and started to move upwards. While it was moving upwards, it lost its intensity.
Ref: Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 22.11.1997 Time:10:40 - 10:45 PM Place: Bjørga in Hessdalen
Observers:Günther Schnell, Gard Gramstad and Ann-Cathrin Morteng.
G´┐Żnther's own words: We have been in Hessdalen (21/11 - 23/11-97) with some equipment, trying to see the Hessdalen-phenomena. We did see it! We had 3 observations for certain and a couple that could have been something else. One observation lasted 5 minutes and we managed to capture in on to our video. It was not earthlight, carlight or aurora borealis. We saw an object, soundless, with a white light at the top and two red lights beneath. It had a normal speed, like a "aeroplane", until it started to move jerkily and go downward following a line as the steps on a stair. It moved like this until it disappeared behind Granåshøgda. This object was diffus in the beginning, but shortly after the light became sharper. It looked like it was attending us. It could be about 100 metre above the mountain ridge before it went down behind the ridge.

The other observation will be told to Project Hessdalen. It was an exciting tour, and we will soon go up again. A warm thank you to the inhabitants of Hessdalen, especially the married couple Grønås, who treated us like one of their family (and their dog "Hessa").
Ref.: Günther Schnell

Date: 15.11.1997 Time:6:30 PM Place: Finnsådalen in Hessdalen
Observers:Harald Dale and his two sons.
Harald and his family was camping at Bjarne Lillevold's a mountain farm in Finnsådalen, between Vårhuskjølen and Finnsåhøgda. Harald went out to brush his teeth at half past six in the evening. Han went out the door at the eastern part of the cottage. It was dark outside and the weather was clear. He see three lights towards north, in directing towards Morkavollen and Haltdalen. He see them through the birch wood. The three lights are standing in a triangular form, two light down and one up. The intensity changes from strong to weak, to strong, to weak, and so on, all the time. The three lights floated a little bit together each time the intensity was at the strongest. The color was red-yellow, and no contours could be seen. Hans went in to get the boys, and went up on the roof with binoculars. Some minutes later the lights become fainter and dissappered by loosing its intensity.
Ref.: Erling Strand

Date: 11.10.1997 Time: 11.15 PM Place:Morkvollhogda, south in Hessdalen.
Observers:Akhtar Issak and Andreas Barwin Olsen.
Weather conditions: Clouded, visibility good, no wind.
Observation done during the Triangle project
At 11.45 Akhtar pointed out a red light west of Oyungen. Andreas thought that he had seen the light one minute earlier, but at the time he was convinced that it was the rear light of a car. When Akhtar caught sight of it, he came to the same conclusion. The light was travelling westward away from Bravo, and at a rather high speed. Akhtar then studied the light through the 200 mm lens of his camera. He saw that the light changed colour from red to yellow, and came towards Bravo at a very high speed. Akhtar explains that the light source seemed to be very big, it covered completely his field of vision through the camera lens, and he was completely blinded. When the object shifted from red to yellow Akhtar started to shoot with his camera. (See note 1) The light moved back and forth over Oyungen before it disappeared in the south, that is, it moved “in behind Morkvollhogda” as seen from our point of view. Immediately after the light had disappeared “behind Morkvollhogda”, the western part of Lake Oyongen was illuminated as by an enormous spotlight. The line between the light circle and the dark surroundings was well defined. “The spotlight” was not in sight, but it seemed like the light was emitted from a point behind Morkvollhogda where the light ball had just disappeared. In the middle of Lake Oyongen there is an island (Storholmen). This island was not visible in the dark, but as “the spotlight was turned on”, we could clearly see the whole island, even details such as trees. This was also the case for the western shore of Lake Oyongen. “The spotlight” searched the western part of the lake, while it “was turned on and off”. The light was enormously intense. The next part of the observation was by Akhtar Issak alone, as he studied the dark surface of the lake through his camera: a light circle formed on the lake, between the island Storholmen and the southwestern shore. The light was bluish, like the light of burning gas, but not so intense. It resembled more the northern light that is often seen in this part of the country, but far from lightening the sky, this light seemed to be emitted from a submerged source of energy. Both Andreas and Akhtar checked the sky for northern lights, but it was heavily clouded, and no reflection from the sky was visible on the lake. The “submerged” light slowly vanished. Akhtar tried to shoot some photos of the phenomenon, but the light was to faint to expose the film. Both Andreas and Akhtar noticed that while “the spotlight” was illuminating Lake Oyongen, and only then, some small, compact fog “globes” came drifting from the lake towards them, wrapping up the camp for approx. one minute as they passed by.
Both the members of the Bravo crew experienced this last observation over Lake Oyongen as dramatic and frightening. Akhtar Issak and Andreas Barwin Olsen Akhtar got a series of pictures of the light. The camera was mounted on a tripod, equipped with motor and the time between each exposure is less than 1/2 second. He used a 200 mm lens, aperture 5.6, shutter speed 1/125 sec. The distance to the light was approx. 3 kilometres.
Ref.: Akhtar Issak and Andreas Barwin Olsen
Date: 11.10.1997 Time: 9.15 PM Place:Morkvollhogda, south in Hessdalen.
Observers:Akhtar Issak and Andreas Barwin Olsen.
Weather conditions: Clouded, visibility good, no wind.
Observation done during the Triangle project
At 9.15 AM Andreas suddenly saw a strong light slightly to the left of the peak of Morkvollhogda. The light seemed to come from the point where “the mountain met the sky”. Both Akhtar and Andreas first assumed that it was the moon coming up over the mountaintop, but they soon realised that they had observed the moon much further to the east earlier in the evening, and this light was much more intense than the light reflected from the moon. Akhtar pointed a hand light with a red filter against the phenomenon, while Andreas alarmed both Alpha and Charlie. (See note 1) Akhtar shot a series of pictures (See note 2) when the light started to move up and down “like a yo-yo”. The light had the shape of a pyramid, emitting an intense light. Each time the “pyramid” went down under the horizon (the mountain top) they could see a beam of light coming up from behind the mountain, from the point where “the pyramid” had disappeared. This repeated itself several times before the light went down for the last time and “went out”. The observation lasted for 15 - 30 seconds. The light beam had a wider dispersion than for instance the headlights of a car. The light source was bigger and more intense than any other light that was observed from Bravo. To the observers it looked like the beam of light was directed towards Bravo each time “the pyramid” emerged from behind the mountain, but this is likely to be a subjective illusion since it was observed from this position only, and that a similar illusion would have observed from any other point of view. The crew calculated the distance from Bravo to the light to be one kilometre. No sound was heard during the observation.The map shows no paths and definitely no roads in the area where the light was observed. At 10.35 PM the moon appeared again, still far east of Morkvollhogda.
“Neither of us can give a reasonable explanation of what we saw.”
Note 1)
It should be mentioned here that the phenomenon unfortunately was observed “outside the Triangle”.
Note 2)
It turned out later that the film showed no trace of the light. We would like to ad here that we deliberately tried to underexpose the film, rather than overexposing it. Most pictures of the Hessdal-phenomenon suffers from overexposure, it is not possible to analyse what is “inside” the white spot on the film. - This time we obviously went to far in the other direction.

Ref.: Akhtar Issak and Andreas Barwin Olsen
Date: 12.08.1997 Time: 02.30 AM Place: Grøtådalen in Hessdalen.
Observers: Marit and Erling Uthus, Ålen.
Weather: Cloudy and some rain.
Distance: Between 150 and 200 metre
Marit was out when she suddenly did see a light coming up from Ormbekkdalen. The was an intense sharp white light, like a spotlight. The light was so bright that the outhouse and the ground was illuminated. Marit did call Erling out, but he did not hear. He woke up because the strong light did illuminate the room. The light disappeared up in the clouds.
Ref: Arne Rønning
Date: 07.08.1997 Time: 01.00 - 02.00 AM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Arne-Johan, Pål-Andrè Rauan, Bjørn Gitle Hauge and 4 persons from Italy
Arne-Johan tells: In the beginning did we see the phenomenon just above the mountains in the south. 15 minutes later did it disappear. Then did a blue light flash up from the mountain, just where the phenomenon had been. Some minutes later did the white light show up again, but now in front of the mountain. Some fog did make it diffucult to see the sharpness, and the light looked probably bigger than it actually was because of this fog. Bjørn Gitle did see a flashing red-white light on the right hand side of the phenomena. The observation started at 01.00 AM and lasted until 02.00 AM
Ref. Arne-Johan og Pål-Andrè Rauan
Date: 09.08.1997 Time: 11.30 PM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Bengt Karlsson and Gunnar Örjas
At 23.30 did a light phenomena move from west towards east. The light was sharp white and as big as Venus. It had a jerkily movement. The phenomena was near when it was just above them, but no sound was heard. The observation time was about 1.5 minutes. At 23.50 did they see a light coming from the south, moving towards them. This light looked like a white ball of light. The observationtime was about 10 seconds. At 00.10 did they see a white light in the south, moving towards north. This light had also a jerkily movement. It changed intensity from weak to strong, back to weak again and the strong again. This phenomena was high up in the sky.
Ref: Arne Rønning
Date: 07.08.1997 Time: 11.30 PM - 00.30 AM Place: A hill south in Hessdalen, south-east of the lake Øyongen
Observers: Arne-Johan and Pål-Andrè Rauan
The word of the observer: At 23.30 did we suddenly see a phenomena in the sky. It looked like a big star, which moved rapidly. It came from the south, moving towards north-east, and disappear in the horizon. We did see a similar phenomena at 00.30 the same night, but this startet when a plane was coming. It moved fast towards east. The speed was too high to be a plane. We did film the phenomena with a VHS Sharp video-camera for about 5 to 10 seconds. You can see a picture of this film here. The picture is enlarged 3 times.
Ref. Arne-Johan og Pål-Andrè Rauan
Date: 07.08.1997 Time: 11.30 PM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Bengt Karlsson and Gunnar Örjas
Bengt and Gunnar came to Aspåskjølen at 23.25. A white ball of light was seen 5 minutes later, coming from south-west, moving towards south-east. The observation time was about 15. seconds. At 23.41 did they see a white light again, in the south. It moved jerkely towards them.
Both phenomena come from "nowhere" and disappeared suddenly. It was a long distance to both of them. No sound was heard and they were bigger than stars.
Ref: Arne Rønning

Date: 05.08.1997 Time: 11.45 PM - 00.35 AM Place: Aspåskjølen in Hessdalen
Observers: Bengt Karlsson and Gunnar Örjas
Bengt and Gunnar were sitting in their car, looking for "UFO". At 11.45 PM did they se a ball of light, coming from east moving towards west. The observation time was about 15 seconds. At 00.03 did they see a light in the south, coming towards them. It disappeared 20 seconds later. At 00.35 did they see anothe light, moving from one horizon to the other. It moved jerkily, and moved from west to east. The observation time was 50 seconds.
Ref: Arne Rønning

Date: 05.08.1997 Time: 00.15 - 00.45 AM Place: Bjørgan, in Midtre Gauldal
Observers: Britt and Knut Hermo
The "object" had a sharp white light, with a red "strawberry" on the top. A smaller light, hanging under the main one, was seen by using the binoculars. The connection between the small light beneath and the main "object" could be seen, looking like a wire. It was seen in the south, towards Haltdalen, moving from east towards west. The observers estimated the distance to about 8 to 10 km. They have not seen anything like this before, but unknown lightphenomena have they seen several times.
Ref: Arne Rønning

Date: 26.03.1997 Time: 11.00 PM Place: From a cottage in Hessdalen
Observers: Bjørn, Randi, Jørgen, Mona Drøivollsmo og Rune Nesjø, Trondheim.
The word of the observer: An object with a steady white light, came from the valley Grøtådalen, and moved alongside the valley, just as the one seen two days earlier. This object moved more towards east than the previous ones. It stood still when it started to move slowly downwards the ground. "It" went straight down and suddenly "it" moved along the ground and up the side of the valley, at a very high speed. We could see the light behind the trees in the hillside. We saw a that it was oval shaped and that it was a lot of windows in the middle part of the object.
ref: Bjørn Drøivollsmo
Date: 24.03.1997 Time: 10.50 PM Place: From a cottage in Hessdalen
Observers: Bjørn, Randi, Jørgen, Mona Drøivollsmo og Rune Nesjø, Trondheim.
The word of the observer: We saw a light in the sky just before 11 o'clock, which looked like a plane. A small white light and a flashing red light. The flashing of the light became unregular and the light became bigger. We got our binoculars and went out on the veranda. Then we saw that it was a oval shaped object which had flashing lights with the colours: red, blue, yellow, green and orange. The object came from the south-east, above the valley Grøtådalen, and turned against north. Even without binoculars, we could see something which looked like windows, in the middle of the object. This object moved alongside the whole valley before it stopped. When this object stood still, we saw another object coming from the same place as the previous object. This one looked just like the other one, but it was much closer. When this one turned toward north, we saw that the shape was triangular, with the sharpe end pointing down. The light was flashing in the upper part of this triangular object. When it was finished with this turnover, it looked like a oval shaped object again. Suddenly, "it" turned on a lot of white light, which illuminated the whole object. When this light was "turned on", the coloured lights were "turned off". Now we saw very clearly, without binoculars, that it was windows on the object, and that yellow/white light came out from these windows. When this object attended the first one, they both went away, and dissappeared.
ref: Bjørn Drøivollsmo
Date: 24.03.1997 Time: 9.54 PM Place: From a cottage in Hessdalen.
Observer: Martin Gjølme, Trondheim.
Martin was standing outside his cottage, on the veranda. Then he saw a red light in the sky. It stood still. He got his binoculars and then he saw more colours: blue, red, yellow and green. The colours looked like the eyes on a die. Suddenly it moved towards the lake Øyongen and a little bit later it disappeared. - His wife and son did also see this.
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 23.03.1997 Time: 11.10 PM Place: From a cottage in Grøtålia, Hessdalen.
Observer: Geir Lund, Hitra.
The phenomenon was first seen in the sky, in a south-east direction. It was quadrangular with clear blue-green colours. "It" moved towards north. When it was north-east in Hessdalen, it went straight down in the valley. It "disappeared" in the mountainside at 23.15. - At first Geir thought it was a plane, but the colours and the movement was too strange to be a plane. There were two more observers.
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 24.02.1997 Time: 07.32 AM Place: Aspås.
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold.
Weather: Clear and no wind.
Bjarne was going to the cowhouse, when he saw a bright light in the south, close to the church. It was moving jerkily towards north, rounding the hill Heggsethøgda. It dissappeared a short time when it was behind the hill Heggsethøgda. When it came north of Heggsethøgda, Bjarne saw that the light was oblonge, with a orange light in the front, and blue in the back. It was dark in the middle. The "light" moved towards the church, stopped close to the church, turned aroud and moved up the valley Elvedalen towards Brattbekkhøgda. It was below the horizon, and Bjarne could see the mountain in behind.
ref: Bjarne Lillevold
Date: 13.02.1997 Time: 00.00 Place: Bjørgen, Gjersvoldgrenda.
Observer: Synnøve Grønås.
Observationtime: Between 2 and 3 minutes. Distance: More than 2.5 km
Weather: Clear and no wind.
Synnøve was going to bed, when her dog, which was in the next room, came into her room. The dog was excited. At that time did Synnøve see an "unusual light" shining into her room from outside. She saw a sharp intense bulletshaped light outside, at the hill "Smådalan" in the south-east. The light moved slowly towards north/north-west, just above the trees. The light became less intense after 30 seconds, but she could still see it for a while before it dissappeared behind the trees. The dog was restless during the whole periode of observation.
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 24.01.1997 Time: Between 4.00 and 4.30 PM Place: Bakkan, east of Ålen.
Observers: Bjarne and Jenny Engesvold.
Bjarne and Jenny are sitting in their kitchen. They are looking towards the other side of the valley. Then they saw an oblonge light, moving from east towards the mountain Rogne. It moves fast, but Bjarne manage to see that the it has several different colours, and the shape is like a cylinder. Bjarne beliefs he saw some sparkling in the back of the light. It dissappear just before it should dissappear behind the mountain.
The newspaper "Arbeidets Rett" writes about it Friday 14.February
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 12.01.1997 Time: 11.00 PM Place: Aspåskjølen.
Observer: Margrete Bakås Gjersvold. not yet translated to english..
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 03.01.1997 Time: 07.30 AM Place: Aspås.
Observers: Bjarne and Hallfrid Lillevold.
Bjarne ... not yet translated to english..
ref: Bjarne Lillevold

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