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Observations done by people in 1996

Date: 26.11.1996 Time: 21.20 Place: Bjarne Lillevold's house.
Observer: Hallfrid Lillevold. not yet translated to english..
ref: Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 17.11.1996 Time: 17.30 Place: Aspås.
Observer: Bjarne and Bjørn Lillevold.
Bjarne and Bjørn were driving home from Ålen on sunday evening. When they attended "Kjølen", at the Red cross hut, they saw a light against the mountain Finnsåhøgda. It was a ball of light, moving towards NW, below the horizon of Finnsåhøgda. When the light was above the Aspås farm, it changed direction, towards NE. It went out of sight.
ref: Bjarne Lillevold
Date: 15.11.1996 Time: 21.45 Place: Finnsåvollen in Hessdalen.
Observer: A couple from Oslo.
The couple (who wants to be anonymous), was driving southward, in Hessdalen. When they attended Bjørga, they saw a bright light standing close to the farm Finnsåvollen. The distance was 200 meter from were they were sitting in their car. The light was many lights together, like a Christmas-tree. Several of the lights were turning off and on all the time. Some seconds afterwards, the lights became very dimmed, and could hardly be seen. The couple went to the nearest house, to tell their experience. 15 minutes later, they went back. The lights were on again, and flashed very much before they turned off, starting from left. - The day after, the couple found traces in the snow. They took pictures and samples of the snow.
ref: Erling Strand
Date: 10.11.1996 Time: 19.30 Place: Hamren.
Observer: Hallfrid and Bjørn Lillevold.
Hallfrid and Bjørn were driving home to Hessdalen, from Ålen. On their way up they saw a bright light against Hamren.
ref: Bjarne Lillevold
Date: 30.09.1996 Time: 22.50 Place: Hessdalen, towards the valley "Finnsådalen".
Observer: Jan Barwin.
Jan was out, when he saw a yellow, globe-shaped light, with a red light in the middle. It moved inwards the valley "Finnsådalen". Jan saw it 2-3 minutes.
ref: Jan Barwin
Date: 18.09.1996 Time: 06.00 Place: Heggset in Hessdalen, towards Rognefjell.
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold.
Bjarne was driving in Hessdalen, towards north. When he was at Heggset, when he saw a round light above the mountain Rognefjell. That is in a north, north-east direction from his location. The light was blue on one side and yellow on the other side, and it was flashing. 3 to 4 seconds later it dissappeared.
ref: Bjarne Lillevold
Date: 16.09.1996 Time: 22.30 Place: Glåmos .
Observer: Asbjørn Røkke.
Asbjørn and three others saw a flashing light above Hessdalen. It had the colours red, yellow and gren, and it lokked like it was moving around an object.
ref: The newspaper: Adresseavisa, date: 18.08.1996, and Bjarne Lillevold

Date: 24.08.1996 Time: 06.00 Place: In Hess dalen, at the old school.
Observer: Petra Grønås.
Petra went out with her dog in the morning. When she was standing on her stairs outside, she saw a flashing light towards Rugldalen. The colours were yellow and blue. It was twice as big as a star. It disappeared after 3 to 4 seconds.
ref: Bjarne Lillevold
Date: 07.08.1996 Time: 03.00 Place: In Hess dalen, at the old school.
Observer: Petra Grønås.
Petra went up in the middle of the night, at three o'clock; She saw a red, green and yellow light that moved upwards in a zik-zak movement.
ref: Bjarne Lillevold
Date: 31.07.1996 Time: 15.00 Place: Between Vårhuskjølen and Finnsåhøgda, in Hessdalen.
Observers: Silje Sagen (14 years) and Katrine Ås (15 years).
Silje and Katrine was walking on the road close by Vårhusvollen. Suddenly they saw a grey "object" in the forest close by. It moved slowly towards north with a smooth waving movement. It disappeared behind the trees. Total observation time was about 10 seconds. It was sunny weather. They went to the place it disapperead, but it was gone.
ref: Erling Strand
Date: 15.04.1996 Time: 23.45 Place: On the way up to Hessdalen, from Ålen.
Observer: Ingeborg Rønning.
Ingeborg drove her car up towards Hessdalen when she saw, at least four bright yellow/gren arches of light. They all went into a center. Those arches were different in size and the ends were unclear. This light stood still in the sky towards west. It disaaperead behind a mountain when she drove into Hessdalen. The sky was bright with a lot of stars, no wind and the temperature was -7 degrees Celsius.
ref: Geir Jensås
Date: 12.04.1996 Time: 23:35 - 23:39 Place: Hessdalskjølen
Observer: A person in a car.
A sharp yellow light with four corners of brighter light. The observator felt fear and drived very fast during the observation periode. The light disaappeared in the forest when the car was reaching Vårhus. The light was four times bigger than the planet Venus.
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 04.04.1996 Time: 12:36 Place: Grønåshøgda in Hessdalen.
Observer: Two persons of the age of 30 and one person of the age of 16.
A grey coloured object which looked like a coin. It was hovering just above a small mountain, close to the ground. When the observers had seen it for about 25 seconds, it moved 90 degrees and dissappeared very fast towards Hummelfjell mountain. No sound. It was sunny weather.
ref: Jan Moen
Date: 17.03.1996 Time: 21:15 Place: Haltdalen.
Observer: Halstein Gundersen.
Halstein was at home in Haltdalen when he saw a bulletshaped light which came down from the sky. One and a half minute afterwards the light "exploded" in many small particles and disappeared. He saw this down in Ledalen valley, towards Korsfonnfjellet mountain. That is in direction southeast from his home. The weather was clear with no wind, the temperature was - 8 degrees Celsius.
Comments: This could have been a meteorite.
ref: Geir Jensås
Date: 20.01.1996 Time: 06.30 Place: Vårhuskjølen in Hess dalen.
Observers: Oddmund Tamlag and Inge Gjørsvoll.
Oddmund and Inge was driving in a car up towards Hessdalen. They were on their way into Øyongen. When the car was up in Hessdalen, they saw a big bright light above the hill south of Vårhuskjølen. When they were in the middle part of Hessdalen, they could see the mountain Finnsåhøgda in behind. There was some "wires" with light beneath the big light. They got the impression that the light was following the car. When they were at Skogås place, the went through a cloud which smell as sulfur. They stopped at the local store and went back. Then the cloud and the light was gone.
ref: Erling Strand
Date: 13.01.1996 Time: 22:40 - 22:43 Place: Aspåskjølen.
Observer: 4 persons in the age of 20 to 22.
The observers saw a sharp light close to the ground. It moved in a north-northeast direction. During the observation time did a small light "come out of" the first one. This went back again into the big light. The trees were illuminated. The light disappeared in the forest towards northeast. The clouds were close on to the mountains.
ref: Jan Moen

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