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Observation done by people in the year 2001

Date: 17.10.2001 Time: 06:40 A.M. Place: Vårhus in Hessdalen
Observers: Hallfrid, Bjarne and Bjørn Lillevold.
Hallfrid was in her sitting-room at home. That room has a big windows towards north. She saw at strong light at the Aspås farms, which is in the north-north-west direction from her house. She went out to tell her husband, Bjarne about it. He, and their son Bjørn, were in their way to their job. Bjarne had just gone out the door, and was at the stair outside, when Hallfrid told him about the light. Bjørn was also outside, and they all saw the light. It was a strong, blue-green light, looking as a pyramide. It was coming slowly towards them. Suddenly, it changed direction towards mount Finnsåhøgda in the west. It moved very fast to that mountain. When it had arrived to the mountain, it nearly stopped, moved slowly towards south, and dissappeared behing the mountain.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 16.10.2001 Time: 9:30 P.M. Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Hallfrid Lillevold.
Hallfrid was going home from her neithbour, in the south, about 50 m from where she and Bjarne lives. It was cloudy. She saw then two lights in the north, standing close together. The lights was moving towards mount Finnsåhøgda. The two lights merged and became one light just before it disappeared behind mount Finnsåhøgda. Hallfrid used about 3 minutes on this walking distance.
Ref. Hallfrid Lillevold.

Date: 15.09.2001 Time: 11:10 P.M. Place: Lake Øyungen, Hessdalen south
Observers: Inge Myrvang and Knut Johannes Myran.
It was the first day of hunting, and the clock had just passed 11. Inge and Knut were standing outside the cottage, on the north-eastern side, which is towards lake Øyungen. The cottage is located just some meter from the lake, in the souther part of lake Øyungen. It was nice and clear weather. No wind or clouds, temperature around 8 °C. The stars were bright. Inge and Knut saw a big yellow light, on the other side of Øyungen. It was just at the same high, or slightly above, the hill Skarvan, which is just on the other side of the lake. The light could be at a longer distance. The light was as big as an aple on an arm's length. When Inge used his binoculars, he saw a strong movement inside the lights, as a rotation. The light was seen for about 5 minutes, then it dissappeared into a small point and was gone. About 5 minutes later, it showed up again. It showed the same behaviour, for the same periode of time, before it went away again. This happend 3 or 4 times. After the last dissappearing, we went into the cottage when the light had not showed up for the last 10 minutes. The clock was then 11:40.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 13.04.2001 Time: 11:15 PM Place: Fordalen, west of Hessdalen south
Observer: Frode Moen.
This observation was seen by my son, Frode, from a cottage in the valley Nekkjådalen (in Fordalen). The observation startet at 11:15 PM. Frode had just went to bed when his friend alarmed him about the light. Frode tells that the light had an enormous speed. It kept on for more than 20 minutes with strange, unsymmetrical movements. It was changing colour. It was seen towards the west. When a plane arrived the area, it changed colour to red, and stopped the movement. It dissappeared for a while, and showed up again in direction Hessdalen at 11:45 PM. - Some other people do also tell that strange lights have been seen in Nekkjådalen during the easter.
Ref. Jan Moen.

Date: 28.03.2001 Time: 10:04 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observers: Bjarne and Hallfrid Lillevold, and Anngerd Gildset.
Bjarne went by his car to Anngerd Gildset, at Kjerringvollen, south in Hessdalen. He was going to get his wife, Hallfrid, who was visiting Anngerd. While Bjarne was sitting in his car, at Anngerd's place, he came aware of a strong light in the west. He thought it was a planet at the beginning, but he wondered about how strong it was. It was too strong to be a planet. The lights was standing still. That was easy to see, because there was a post he used as a reference. Suddenly, one minutes later, the light started moving towards west. Anngerd and Hallfrid did also see it. The light changed direction towards north. Bjarne and Hallfrid went home to Vårhus. All the time they saw the light in the west, moving towards north. It disappeared in the forest. - This observation is in the same direction as this alarmpicture from the station. It is probably the same light.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 05.02.2001 Time: 3:57 PM Place: Rugldalen
Observer: Tor Gåserud.
Tor was driving from Ålen towards the town Røros. When he was at the place "Spellem", just after the first railroad cross, he saw a blue-green light to the right, close the the mountain ridge, moving fast towards the north. The observation lasted 20 seconds. The light seemed to be about 100 m above the ridge, and about 200-300m closer to Tor than the ridge.
Ref. Tor Gåserud, at Bjørgåsen.

Date: 05.02.2001 Time: 06:50 AM Place: Hammerkneppen close to Hessdalslia
Observer: Bjørn Lillevold.
Bjørn was driving from his home in Hessdalen towards his job in Ålen. When he was at the place Skogås, in Hessdalslia, he saw a big bright light towards the hill Hammerkneppen. It was triagular shaped, yellow and red light, moving towards east. It turned direction towards north. It disappeared in the north.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Dato: 27.01.2001 Time: Between 9:00 P.M. and 9:10 P.M. Place: Lake Øyungen, south in Hessdalen
Observers: Randi Aspås Moe and Terje Hasvoldseter.
Randi and Terje was at the cottage owned by Randi's parents, Rutt-Marry and Åge Moe. The cottage is located in the south-eastern part of lake Øyungen, close to the waterline. It was cold that night, so loud cracks could be heard. They were coming from the ice on the lake. On the other side of the lake, just south of mount Raudhovdet, could they see a snowmobile coming. Just above the light from the snow mobile could they see a huge light, bigger than the sun. Suddenly did the light split in four parts. All these parts were oblong up and down, the color were yellow in the middle, with a blue light on the outer part. These blue lights had a movement so it seemed as they were "boiling". The lights was first moving towards them, but changed direction towards north. It (they) was going in front og mount Raudhovde, and disappeared in the valley Raudådalen. Just before it went into that valley, merged these four light into one yellow light again. This yellow ball of light had gren, red and blue balls of light around it.
Rutt-Marry Moe

Date: 27.01.2001 Time: Between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM Place: Orvos, north of Røros
Observer: Kjeldaud Bjørgård.
Kjeldaud was drivibg towards the town Røros, from the place Ålen. When she was at the place Orvos, she saw a big "star", with a red appendage. It was standing still. There were no other stars visible. She tought it was a strange "star".

Date: 02.01.2001 Time: 6.00 PM Place: Hessdalen
Observers: Peder Bjarne Grønås, his father Ingmar Grønås and Bjarne Lillevold.
Peder and his father was driving from Ålen up to Hessdalen. When they reach the red cross cottage, they saw a light just above mount Finnsåhøgda, in the direction towards Båttjønnhøgda. They stopped and looked at the light for several minutes. They desided to drive to Bjarne Lillevold, so that he could see it as well. Bjarne did see it while he was standing in his door. He went in to get some more clothes. When he came out, five minutes later, the light was gone.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold

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