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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 1998.


DateWhat happened
06.12.1998Did get the International Zurich price" from Fundacion Anomalia in Spain.

30.11.1998Did send a search for money to Holtålen council.
24.11.1998Bjarne Lillevold had an observation in Hessdalen this evening.
20.11.1998Bjarne Lillevold had an observation in Hessdalen this evening.
19.11.1998A person had an observation in Hessdalen this evening.
04.11.1998An article was send to HIØ Internytt.

31.10.1998A person had an observation in Hessdalen this evening.
29.10.1998An article was send to HØit.
21.10.1998A lot of air-traffic around the Hessdalen area this night and next night, because of a military exercise.
19.10.1998An article was send to SUFOI in Denmark.
03.10.1998A "wall of wind" will keep all raindrops, snow and insect away from the glas in front of the camera. This is the whole system today.

29.08.1998On location at Hessdalen AMS: The focus on the lens on the CCD-camera adjusted. Ready at 10:00 P.M.
29.08.1998Hexagon98 fieldwork in Hessdalen this weekend.
14.08.1998A new page: Interesting pictures from the automatic field station.
07.08.1998The automatic fieldstation was installed and started at 10.00 P.M. in Hessdalen. This is a picture of it.

30.07.1998The report: "Experimental Methods for studying the Hessdalen-Phenomenon in the light of the Proposed Theories: a Comparative Overview.", by Dr. Massimo Teodorani and Erling Strand, is finished. It is 93 pages long and has the number Rapport 1998:5. It can be bought from HIØ Fellesadministrasjonen, Remmen, N-1783 Halden, Norway. Fax: +47 69215002 E-mail: [email protected]
08.07.1998The magnetometermeasurement is testet. IMPORTANT: Browser with Java is necessary. Please look here.
07.07.1998The container is moved to Holtålen. It will be moved on location in Hessdalen one day during July.
29.06.1998Press release from Stanford University about the release of the Sturrock report. Hessdalen on chapter 6.
23.06.1998Picture every hour from AMS.
22.06.1998Alarmpictures from the automatic measurent station (AMS).
15.06.1998The student Martin R. Thorsen started his work to complete the field station, and make it ready for transportation to Hessdalen.
10.06.1998The field station was demonstrated at an exibition at Østfold College.

11.05.1998The article: "Spectrographic records" is put on this web.

25.04.1998The location for the first station is fixed.

21.03.1998The containeren, station no.1, is fit up by the student group E199804.
19.03.1998A speech in Bergen for the student group; Bergen realistforening.
17.03.1998A meeting in Oslo. Planning the field work Hexagon98.
13.03.1998Received an offer (kr.14250,-) from Gauldal Energy, on getting power to the location for station no.1.
11.03.1998Received a letter from Holtålen local authority, about the detailed about the location of station no.1, and some maps.

11.02.1998Received an offer (kr.86350,-) on a new bigger container, for the station number 2 in Hessdalen.

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