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All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 02.10.2019 Time: 09:28:26 pm Sted: Hessjøen, south in Hessdalen
Observers: Jørn Høiland and some friends
Jørn and some friends were on their tour to Hessdalen. They arrived Sunday 29 Sept, and stayed until Sunday 6 Oct. They stayed at a cottage at lake Hessjøen. On the evening, Wednesday 2 October, was Jørn sitting by the kitchen table, looking out over the lake. They, just before 9:30, he see a strong light in the north-west direction, above lake Øyungen. The light is reflecting in the lake. It moves up and down. They all go out. Then they become aware of another strong light, towards east. That light is not moving so much. Jørn start filming this light. About 7 minutes later it just vanish. The recordings can be seen here::
As hort version --- The whole movie.

Ref. Jørn Heiland

Date: 13.09.2019 Time: 04:07 am Sted: Rognefjell, Hessdalen
Date: 10.09.2019 Time: 03:40 am Sted: Nord for kirken i Hessdalen
Date: 09.09.2019 Time: 10:30 pm Sted: Vårhuskjølen, Hessdalen
Observatør: Helge Otterå
Monday night, at about 10:30 pm, I was on my way in the car and was going to Båttjønna. When I got to the bridge, before the climb towards Vårhuskjølen, I saw a white ball of light up in the forest, on its way from north to south, about 150 meters from me. It only lasted a second.

When I returned back to Magne Engesvold's cabin at approx. 02 am Tuesday morning 10 sept. I relaxed a bit and had a snack before I went out to scout. I always do it a couple of hours every night, in case something happens. I sat down just north of the cabin to look north and west. There were good conditions, little wind, partly cloudy, some moonlight and approx. 10, 12 degrees. I then strolled a bit back and forth on the road between the church and approx. 200 meters north of the cabin. Approx. 03:40 am I stood in the road, approx. 50 meters past the cabin, and scout northwest. Suddenly I saw movements in the left corner of the eye on the ground. I turned a little so I got a better view. What I saw then I will remember forever.

There were two figures running side by side upwards the field, one slightly in front of the other. They were about two meters high, long hinged arms and legs, and a long, slightly oval head. There was no sound or smell. Also looked for clues a little later, without seeing anything. The strange thing was that they turned their heads towards me, and they seemed almost as surprised to see me as I saw them. Because of. light conditions I did not see body or face details unfortunately. They ran full speed across the road and just disappeared up to the forest on the east side of the road.
I can imagine that I saw the figures in approx. 5 seconds. And there I stood with a high pulse and wondered what it was I had seen. I excluded both animals and humans quite quickly. After calming down a bit, I sat down where I had seen them, Maybe there were more I wondered. At 05:20 am I went to bed with more questions than answers. Walked there for a couple of hours every night the rest of my stay there without seeing any more figures.

Comment: A guest worker from abroad, observed something similar, in the same area, during the autumn.

Friday morning, 13 Sept. I sat on the north side of the cabin and scouted north and west. Suddenly I saw a strong blue light on the south side of Rogne, which disappeared at full speed down the mountainside. It lasted maybe a second. Looked at the clock, it was 04:07 am at this point.. Good weather conditions.

I have been countless times in Hessdalen without having seen anything other than a few flashes of light now and then, and then suddenly experience this ... Have pondered about this a lot afterwards. These figures have somehow made there another good reason to come back, and always keep your eyes open.

Ref. Helge Otterå

Date: 17.08.2019 Time: 01:52:01 pm Sted: Båtjønndalen, Setervegen Vårhus i Hessdalen
Observer: Marie Andrem
Marie participated in "the Hessdalen weekend", where Erling Strand guidet a group of people. When the group was at Båtjønndalen, and while Erling was talking to the group, Marie was looking for the light phenomenon. She saw some flashes in the direction towards Skarvan. She then used her binoculars and saw new flashes. Then she took her mobile and took several pictures On one of these pictures she managed to capure some flashes.

The main picture


An enlarget part of the main picture. Lights can be seen just above the forest, and one in the right part of the picture.

Ref. Marie Andrem

Date: 21.07.2019 Time: between 01:00 and 01:30 am Place: Close to lake Hessjøen, south in Hessdalen
Observers: Kim Bjarnaberg, Aylen Bjarnaberg and Lene Schou
The observers had a weekend tour to Hessdalen, from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 July. They were located at a high between lake Hessjøen and lake Øyungen between 01:00 and 01:30 am, the night between Saturday and Sunday. They saw a strong, white, green and red light. Aylen become aware of it, just above the tree tops. The duration was only 5 to 6 seconds. They grab the mobile and start filming. It was too late for the strong light, but they got a weaker blue light on the film.

They did also see a light, at the same time, when they were at the parking spot, close to the toll place for the Hessjøen road, This light was seen towards lake Hesssjøen. This light was seen a very short time, so no mobile was used for filming.
Here are some clips from the film, between Saturday and Sunday. They were locate at the arrow on the map, and the light was somewhere inside the red circle:

Ref. Kim Bjarnabergn

Date: 03.04.2019 Time: 08:57 pm Place: Moen, south in Hessdalen
Observers: Jan Moen an Tore Forodden
Jan and Tore were out in the courtyard, talking. Tore was facing east. Suddenly he saw a strong flash towards the east, in the mountainside. It was where the yellow circle is put on the picture below. What was that, said Tore. Jan turned around, and saw a yellow ligh moving sik-sax upwards above the horizon. Everything lasted only some few seconds.

Ref. Jan Moen

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