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Observation done by people in the year 2018
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 20.09.2018 Time: About 11:00 pm Place: Gjersvoll, Hessdalen
Observer: Per Moen
Per write: "It is Thursday 20 September 2018 in Hessdalen. The fotball game between Celtic and Rosenborg has just been finished on TV, at about 10:50 pm. I am looking a little bit on the TV news, before I decide to go to bed. When I am coming out of the bathroom, I see a big light down by the river, in direction Gjersvoll. At first I thought it was a car which had run off the road FV576, so the light from the car illuminate the ground, and part of the wall on the cowshed at farm Gjersvoll. Now I see the light is moving up from the ground and is moving back and forth, just above the river. About 3 minutes later I go to the bedroom and wake up my wife, so she could see it too. She had been sleeping for a while, but go up grumpy. When she is looking towards where the light had been, just some seconds ago, there is nothing. The light had gone. She is still grumpy, and go to bed. I am looking once more, the light is back. It is moving back and forth again. It does also move more up from the ground, before it goes down again. It turned off and I go to bed. The time is 11.12 pm."

Gjersvoll in Hessdalen

Ref. Per Moen

Date: 01.09.2018 Time: ca.10:00 pm to ca 11:00 pm Place: Båttjønndalen, Hessdalen
Observers: Hege and Nils Ofstad
Hege and Nils was sitting on a small hill between Båttjønna and Langen. They saw a light, which they first believed was a carlight at mount Rognefjell. But the light started to move back and forth in front of mount Rognefjell. Both around the top of the mountain and far down on the hillsite. Sometimes it was just on the other side of the top of the mountain. This continued for more than an hour, from 10 pm to 11 pm.

Ref. Nils Ofstad

Date: 08.2018 Time: 01:15 am Place: Meiåan, to the west of Hessdalen
Observer: Kari Helene Keiseraas
Kari tell: At 01.15 am, a night in 2018, did I not manage to sleep. I went to the kitchen window, which is facing mount Kåshøgda. This is on Meiåan, west of lake Øyungen. Then I see a heavy "machine" (I call it space ship, because it was not a "regular" ufo). After a few seconds, the ship turned on the side and disappeared behind the hill. Then a light suddenly appeared, like a blink, before it changed shaped to a strange V or L, moved slightly to the left (from where I was) before it stood at the same place. This lasted a few minutes. I stood for a while to see if anything changed, which it didn't. So I went to bed again. It's frustrating not to have proof, I couldn't even guess ... I am 100% sure what I saw.

We do not see the top of mount Kåshøgda from the cabin. The object stood in the hillside of mount Kåshøgda. For us will it be in front of mount Kåshøgda. Difficult to explain. There is a cabin up there along the old road, the object stood to the left of it, and disappeared right backwards.

I have been to the cabin at Østengsetra since 1999. My cohabitant since 1984. This is the only time I have seen something "unexplainable". The weird thing is that I was going up from bed just this night, go out into the kitchen and look out the window facing mount Kåshøgda. What is the cause of this action, right now and then ... Imagine staring straight at this heavy object that shone soo strongly ... before the lightning "bent" over the hill ... I don't understand this.

Drawing made by the observer


Ref. Tomas Dahl

Date: 25.08.2018 Time: 10:47 p.m. Place: Båttjønndalen, Hessdalen
Observers: Bjørn Lillevold, and his two sons Patrick and Daniel
Bjørn and his boys were driving on the mountain road Stereveien. They were on their way to lake Langen, further south. nn the roads last bend before Båttjønndalen, they see a big light over mount Fjellbekkhøgda. It is big, about 70% of the size of the moon. It moves fast towards the north and faded away after a very few seconds. The light could not be seen anymore. atrick said he could see a black object where the light had been. The light had one strong light in the front, and a smaller light in the back. These were connected with parts of a circle. This observation made a great impression on the observers.

A drawing made by the observer

An illustration of the light

Ref. Bjørn Lillevold

Date: 12.08.2018 Time: 02:05 a.m. Place: Parking spot at Slettælet, Hessdalen
Observers: Anthea Molenaar and Mike van der Velde, from the Netherlands
Anthea and Mike had their campervan parked on the parking spot close to Slettælet, with the front of the campervan towards the north. Anthea was sitting inside, on the driver seat. At about 2.05 a.m. (in the night) she saw a bright light on her left side. That is in the direction West-North-West. She saw the light moved back and forth. She told her husband, Mike, who was outside, setting up the camera. That was not easy, because they did not bring the tripod. He had to find a way to put up the camera. Anthea went out of the car. She noticed the strong light continued moving back and forth faster now. About 5 minutes after Anthea went out of the car, the light suddenly disappeared. She said the total observation time was between 8 and 9 minutes. Mike took several pictures of the light. It is hard to say if the movement of the light in the pictures is due to movement of the camera or movement of the light, or both.

Ref. Anthea Molenaar

Date: 30.07.2018 Time: 01:15 a.m. Place: Hessjøen, Hessdalen
Observer: Eivind Lillevold
Eivind was on his way to lake Hessjøen in a car. When he was on the roads highest point, before it goes down to the lake, he saw a strong light in the south, towards Dalsbygda. The light was low in the valley. Eivind saw the light until 01:45 a.m.

Ref. Eivind Lillevold

Date: 29.07.2018 Time: 11:30 p.m. Place: Øyungen, Hessdalen
Observers: Jon Arvid Aspås and two more
Jon Arvid was together with two others in a boat at lake Øyungen. While they were in the boat, they suddenly saw a strong big light towards south east, in direction lake Hessjøen. The light was close to the moon. Jon Arvid become aware of the light when he saw a big flash. There were some clouds moving, so the light was not seen all the time. The light was moving towards the west. Total observation time was approx 5 minutes. Jon Arvid notised the size and the intensity of the light.

Ref. Jon Arvid Aspås

Date: 19.07.2018 Time: 09:50 p.m. Place: Mount Rognefjell, Hessdalen
Observer: Mattis from Germany
Nattis and his girlfriend was camping halfways up to mount Rognefjell. At 9:50 pm he saw a light down on the right side of the Hersja river. The light moved straight, from left to right, with the same speed all the time. It could be moving along the river. The shape was round and the colour was white. He saw it for about 5 to 6 seconds. His girlfriend did not see it, because she was looking for the phenomena up on the sky.

Ref. Mattis

Dates: 28.03.-> 31.03.2018 Time: Place: Hessdalen
Observers: Hege and Nils Ofstad
Observation during the easter

Ref. Nils Ofstad

Date: 25.02.2018 Time: 11:00 pm Place: Hessdalen
Observer: Randi Prytz and husband
Randi Prytz and her husband were at their cottage in Hessdalen. It is located just on the western side of the main road, about 600 m from Hessdalskjølen. At 11:00 pm Sunday night, they saw a big light in direction Skarvan (towards south), up in the sky. The moon was to the right for this light. The color was silver, and a red and green flash was in the middle of the light. That was clearly seen by binoculars. The big light was on the same spot all the time, until the observers went to bed at 11:45 pm.

Ref. Randi Prytz

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