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Observation done by people in the year 2003

Date: 13.11.2003 Time: ?? (just before bedtime) Place: Hessdalen
Observer: Per Moen
Per was inside his house when he heard a sound outside. He saw no car or tractor outside. The sound was more like a snowmobile, but there is no snow in Hessdalen now. While he was looking out, he suddenly saw a small shiny light, moving fast from the north towards the south. It lasted only between 3 to 5 seconds. The color was bluish. It was a small light, not bigger than a light from a small torch. Impossible to tell the distance to the light, but his impression was that it was far away. Probably above the river. The direction to the light was horizontal from where Per was in his house. The light moved so fast that it was difficult to follow its movement. Per is sure that it disappeared towards the south.
Ref. Per Moen.

Date: 05.10.2003 Time: 10:02 P.M. Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observers: Hallfrid and Bjarne Lillevold, Lillian and Helge Grønås
Hallfrid Lillevold, Lillian Grønås and her son Helge, were driving home to Hessdalen. When they had reached Vårhus, the place where Bjarne and Hallfrid live, did they see a light above the hill Heggset. It moved towards north. They went in and told Bjarne. He went out at once and saw the light too. The light moved down in the small valley Finnsådalen. The weather was fine, -0.9 °C and no rain.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 24.04.2003 Time: 11:30 P.M. Place: Rv.30, just south of Ålen
Observer: Per Håkon Bremnes
Per Håkon was at the main road 30, at the takeoff to hotel Bjørgåsen. He see three big lights moving towards north-west. They were coming from Rugldalen in the south. When they are at Rognsåsjøen, they move off. First does the first light move straight up and disappear, the does the second light do the same, and at last does the third light do the same. Total time was approx. 2-3 minutes.
Ref. Per Håkon Bremnes.

Date: 13.03.2003 Time: 10:55 P.M. Place: Hessdalen
Observer: Marit Folde and Margrethe Gjersvoll
Marit and Margrethe were driving home to Hessdalen, from Ålen. When they were driving south in the valley, just before Trøan, or just before the Peder Skogås farm, they did see a strong yellow light on their left side. Their first thought was that it was a helicopter. After a few seconds, the light turned and went very fast towards north. Then they realised it could not bee a helicopter. It moved to fast for that. Marit and Margrethe desided to follow the light. They turned the car around, and followed the light towards north. When the had reached the place they could see mount Rogne, they saw the light up in the mountainside. They continued driving, because they wanted to get nearer. The passed a place they could not see the mountain. When they saw the mountain again, the light had disappeared. They drove up to the red cross cottage, and stayed there for a while. No more lights could be seen, and they went home.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 26.02.2003 Time: 7:45 P.M. Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold
Bjarne was sitting in his sitting-room, looking at TV. The TV is located close by a big window, which is facing north. Suddenly saw Bjarne a big light outside the window, up in the hillside. He went out on his yard, just north of his house. The light could not have been more than 200 m away from him. It was located north of the measurement station (AMS). Bjarne said that the light was strong, red and as big as the moon. It was rolling around its middle, just like a weel is rolling. It moved slowly towards south, towards the AMS. When Bjarne had reached the main road, the light changed the moving directiong, from south to north. It was approx 150m from the station when this happened. The rolling stopped and it moved towards north and disappeared behind some trees in the north.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 26.02.2003 Time: 6:45 A.M. Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Rutt-Marry Moe
Rutt-Marry was driving from her home towards Ålen. When she had reached the curve at Ingbrikstvollen, north of Bjarne Lillevold, Vårhus, did she see at big strong light in the north, just above Valmar Aspås farm. While she was driving, the light moved towards the east. (Comment: It might look like this even if the light is standing still, and is far away) When Rutt-Marry was at Skogås farm, in Hessdalslia, did she see the light in the north, towards Haltdalen. The road make a turn there, so she could not see the light anymore, because she had to see where she was driving.
Ref. Rutt-Marry Moe.

Date: 31.01.2003 Time: 5:55 P.M. Place: Hessdalslia
Observer: Hallfrid Lillevold
Bjarne and Hallfrid took a taxi home to Hessdalen, from Ålen. When they were driving up Hessdalslia, did Hallfrid see a strong flashing light, close to the mast at Hessdalslia. Bjarne was sitting in the back, so he could not see the light. The light was moving slowly towards north. When it was just north of the Aspås farms, it stopped moving. Hallfrid could not see it anymore when they were attending home.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 28.01.2003 Time: (about) 6:10 P.M. Place: Ålen
Observer: Jon Østeng and Bjarne Haugen
Jon was outside by his home in Ålen, when he see a strong green light, with a tail, moving very fast towards west. The direction to the light, from his home, is straight west, towards the valley Øggdalen, which is in Hessdalen. He see it towards, or just above the mountain south of mount Rognefjell. He do not believe it could be hight in the air, because the clouds was low, and there was drizzle in the air. The visibility was low. The light disappear during 2-3 seconds.
The two-camera system, at the automatic station has recorded these two pictures: Cam1 and Cam2, at 6:02:42 P.M. It might be the same phenomenon as Jon saw, because the time is very close. You may see that the visibility was low, because it is not possible to see the light from the church, which you may see in the picture a clair day.

Bjarne Haugen saw the same light as Jon. He was at the main road 30, about 500m south of the crossroads to Hessdalen. It was cloudy, and it was snow in the air. Bjarne saw the light towards west.
Ref. Jon Østeng Hov
and Bjarne Haugen.

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