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Observation the 19 August 2000

A big version of this page

Saturday the 19.August, at 9:50PM, was Larry Lemke, Thor Stuedal and Erling Strand (me) on our way back to Hessdalen, on road 30, after a small visit at Røros town. When we had arrived just north of Røros, we saw a strong flashing light down in the hillside, in the direction towards southern part of Hessdalen, which is on the other side of the mountain. We did not react at once, but when we were driving, we saw that the light was moving up the hillside. Then we become aware of that this could be the Hessdalen phenomena. We were at Gullikstad (see the map), when we desided to turn back to the place we saw it for the first time. It was a better view from that location. We parked the car at a small parking slot close to the road, and went out. The clock was 9:55PM. The Hessdalen-phenomena had then reached the top of the hill. It was flashing all the time with a frequency of about 1 Hz, and it was moving. Sometimes it was above the horizon, and sometimes below. Sometimes it moved to the left, and sometimes to the right. It went on like this all the time. I (Erling Strand) managed to take one picture with some success. During the exposuretime of 4 seconds, we got four flashes and some of the movement. We did look at it for 15 minutes. Then we desided to continue our tour to Hessdalen.

Here is the main picture in full size. I used a Canon AE1 camera with a 80-205mm Osawa lens, which was adjusted to about 160mm. Exposuretime was close to 4 seconds. A 400ASA 135mm film was used. The tree you see to the left is located about 6m from the camera. We did not have any tripod with us, so we had to use the car as a tripod.

Observation the 19 August 2000

Here is an enlarged part of the main picture.

Observation the 19 August 2000, enlarged version of the main picture

Here is an bigger enlarged of a part of the main picture.

Observation the 19 August 2000, a bigger enlargement

A picture taken by Thor Stuedal from the same location, some day later. We have marked where the light was when we saw it for the first time, and in which direction it was moving.

Observation the 19 August 2000, a picture taken some days later

A map showing where the observers, Larry Lemke, Thor Stuedal and Erling Strand, was located when they were standing looking at the light, and from where the picture was taken. It is just north of the town Røros. One square on the map equal one square kilometer. The distance to the phenomena is then 3,5 km.

Observation the 19 August 2000, a map of the area

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