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Norsk UFO Senter AS.

NO - 7380 Ålen
Phone: +47 7241 7638. Fax: +47 7341 7618
Section Leader: Thor Stuedal. E-mail: [email protected]

This center is closed. The text below is outdated.

The Norwegian UFO Centre Company Limited, Norsk UFO Senter AS, was formed in January 2000, an initiative taken by Holtålen Municipality, in the county of Sør-Trøndelag. Holtålen is the home municipality of Hessdalen, the place in Norway where the largest numbers of UFOs of all times have been observed. Now 20,000 shares at NOK 1,000.00 per share are made available for sale. The share capital of NOK 20 million is to be invested in establishing a Visitors' and Research Centre for the UFO phenomenon. The Holtålen Municipality will contribute a substantial amount, as part of its investment in the centre. We are offering you a unique opportunity to buy shares in this project.

You will help to

  • Provide the right environment for researchers working on charting and solving the UFO mystery
  • Inform the general public on Hessdalen UFOs
  • Spread basic scientific knowledge on UFOs to the general public
  • Form a discussion forum where theories about what UFOs can be are presented
  • The Norsk UFO Senter AS will consist of three sections:
    1. A visitors' centre in the town of Ålen, by Route 30.
    2. Remote viewing location, sited at a vantage point where most UFOs have been observed in Hessdalen.
    3. An observation tower, equipped with scientific instruments, in Hessdalen.
    Finnish tent in Hessdalen NUFOC' observation tower in Hessdalen, Norway
      Remote viewing location   An observation tower in Hessdalen
    Items 1 and 2 will be constructed in the first phase. Item 3 will be constructed in the second phase.

    The Visitors' Centre will consist of

    • A multimedia auditorium
    • An interactive exhibition
    • A spaceship simulator where you can travel out into space
    • Facilities for researchers
    The multimedia auditorium can be employed as a cinema, lecture hall and hall for various cultural events put on by the municipality.

    The exhibition will consist of four main sections

    1. An information section where the basic knowledge of certain inter-related specialist fields is presented.
    2. An observation section where accounts of all sightings in Hessdalen and elsewhere are displayed: stories, photographs, films and results of measuring. There will also be a direct link to the field station where visitors can see instantaneously the measurements as they are being recorded.
    3. A research section where the results of research that contribute to solving the UFO phenomenon are presented in an easy to understand way.
    4. The last section of the exhibition will contain theories. This section is to be shaped in a question mark, leaving the visitors with the impression that "we do not know anything for certain". In this way we can accommodate large discrepancies among the various theories, from scientific ones to more speculative ones. The theories will, as far as possible, be supported by facts, and discussions from an expert forum.
    Everything in the exhibition will be presented in a pedagogic, simple and exciting way, providing an unforgettable learning experience to the visitors of the centre. The simulated spaceship, will give the visitors the feeling that they have entered a spaceship. Once on board, they will feel that they are travelling into space. On the journey, they will learn, in a few short but adventurous minutes, about the Universe.

    Part of the Centre will contain facilities for researchers working on the Hessdalen UFOs. One of the conditions for letting them use the facilities will be for the researchers to present their work and results to the visitors, through lectures and posters. Results from other researchers working within the same specialized fields that relate to, or can contribute to, solving the UFO phenomenon, will also be presented.

    The Visitors' Centre will be used by schools to learn about science and at the same time experience the wonders of science. An expert panel, consisting of, among others, professors from NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, will ensure that the exhibition is correct.

    At the remote viewing location is a Lappish tent with an opening at the top to allow smoke to drift out. The tent is to be sited on the slope of the mountain Finnsåh�gda, one of the best vantage points in Hessdalen, far away from the nearest residential houses. I n the tent, those who have experienced personal sightings of Hessdalen UFOs will recount their tales. Everyone will sit on reindeer skins around a fire in the middle. Simple foods and refreshments will be served. This is an excellent way for those interested in the natural environment to appreciate the scene of Hessdalen UFO-phenomenon.

    In phase two of the construction of the centre by Norsk UFO Senter AS, an observation tower is to be built at AspÅskj�len , in Hessdalen. The top floor will have scientific instruments and panoramic windows facing the valley. The instruments will have accompanying simple but complete notes explaining their purpose and functions, so that visitors will have an idea of how the instruments work. Also on the top floor, there will be binoculars and monitors of cameras that are placed elsewhere in the valley. The visitors will be able to feel that they are active participants in a field station. On the ground floor, there will be small restrooms, food and drink dispensers, and sanitary facilities.

    Why Ålen and Hessdalen are the chosen sites for the Norsk UFO Senter is because Hessdalen is the place in Norway with most UFO sightings of all times. This is the place where investigative measurements on the phenomenon have been made. Hessdalen is well known in UFO circles the world over. Several books have been written about Hessdalen, and there has been widespread coverage in the media - the weekly magazines, newspapers, radio and television. Hessdalen is known as a UFO Window, a place with many UFO sightings. The world's first automatic field station for UFO activities was sited in Hessdalen by Østfold College, on 7th August 1998. The data collected at the station are sent directly on the Internet, and in the course of its 18 months operation, has registered 70 sightings of unknown phenomena. There are plans to update the field station, and all recordings will go directly into the Centre.

    Norsk UFO Senter AS will benefit the Hessdalen UFOs studies. It will make it easier for experts to research on UFOs. It will be the meeting place for researchers and ufology. It will be a centre where visitors learn about science and research, and come into contact with researchers. It will be a place to stimulate young people's interest to become researchers and/or physicists. It will be the place where visitors will find out everything about UFOs, and are updated with the latest news and discoveries in ufology in the world. It could be the place where the UFO mystery, whatever it may be, is solved. It will be a place visitors remember and talk about. There are still many unsolved puzzles in our world. If we get to know our world better, perhaps we can make better use of it, better for mankind, and our world.

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