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This list shows where and when Erling Strand has had lectures about Project Hessdalen. It does not include lectures other people have had about the project, if not that is written.


Tuesday 10.October: The Hessdalen Phenomena. Ordenen riddere av det hvite kors, Oslo
Sunday 30.July: The UAP Study in Hessdalen, Norway SCU (Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies) 2023 Annual AAPC (Annual Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference) (via zoom)
Saturday 29. July: Hessdalenprosjektet. Månefestivalen Fredrikstad
Friday 31.March: The Hessdalen UFO Lights (via zoom). UFO Research Queensland Inc, Australia


Friday 9.September: "The Hessdalen Phenomena". The ufology world congress, Barcelona, Spain


Monday 9. November: "Fenomenet i Hessdalen." Tankesmia Kilden, Høvik.


Friday 16 to Sunday 18. August: A weekend with Erling P. Strand, Alvdal og Hessdalen
Saturday 25. May: Fenomenet i Hessdalen. Steinkjer
Tuesdag 12. February: NITO pensioners Association: Lysfenomenene i Hessdalen, Høk Kro, Skjeberg


Monday 19. November: Halden Rotaryklubb
Thursday 15. November: Druid loose in Sarpsborg
Saturday 3. November: Conferanse in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Thursday 18. October: Students from Levanger, Hessdalen
Sunday 19. August: Hessdal Phenomenon. A weekend with Erling P. Strand, The Gaia center in Alvdal.
Friday 17. August: Hessdal Phenomenon. A weekend with med Erling P. Strand, The Gaia center in Alvdal.


Thursday 21. September : At the Red Cross cottage in Hessdalen. A presentation for a group of retirees from Trondheim
Saturday 09 September: Orkney International Science Festival, Kirkwall, Orkney.
Friday 11. August : At the Red Cross cottage in Hessdalen. A presentation for a group of interested people.
Friday 17 March : Ullerøy football club, The clubhouse Ullerøyhytta
Saturday 18 February: UFO Congress, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.
Thursday 9 February: Innovatum, Trollhättan, Sweden.


Sunday 6 November: Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Saturday 27 August: MUFON symposium, Orlando, USA.
Thursday 16 June: A group in Kristiansand.
Tuesday 19 April: Poster at EGU 2016, Vienna..
Tuesday 9 February: Næringslivets Seniorklubb, Fredrikstad.
Wednesday 3 February: Innovatum, Trollhättan, Sweden.


Friday 11.September: NTNU in Trondheim. The student union NABLA was the organiser.
Sunday 28.June: Poster at IUGG 2015.


Friday 28 November: IV World UFO Forum. Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
Friday 14 November: Space research and technology Institute, Bulgarian academy of sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Thursday 18 September: Amateurradiogroup in Horten.
Wednesday 9 July: Workshop CAIPAN CNES, Paris, France.
Thursday 1.May: Poster at EGU 2014, Vienna.
Saturday 22 March: CUN Sicilia, Messina, Italy
Friday 21 March: CUN Sicilia, Catania, Italy


Monday 9.December: Abels garden, Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad
Saturday 30.November: 2nd International Congress of ufology "city of Rome", Rome, Italy
Tuesdag 5.November: Kulturvukku, at the Hessdalen community house. Holtålen municipality was the organizer.
Wednesday 23.October: Rødsberg school, Halden
Thusday 10.October: School visit at Østfold College, Halden
Wednesday 2.October: Alternativt Forum Notodden, Notodden.
Saturday 11.May: Inspiria Science Center, Sarpsborg.
Wednesday 10.April: Poster at EGU 2013, Vienna.
Saturday 23.March: CUN, San Marino


Sunday 11.November: GAUS, Firenze, Italy
Tuesday 30.October: Hygga, Sarpsborg
Monday 29.October: Ski Rotary, Ski.
Friday 14.September: NTNU in Trondheim. The student union NABLA was the organiser.
Friday 17.August: Hessdalen, for "PH-venner".
Tuesday 24.April: Poster at EGU 2012, Vienna.
Thursdag 12.April: Mannsfest, Fredhøy bedehus, Ullerøy.


Tuesdag 5.April: Poster, at EGU 2011, Vienna.


Tuesday 9.April: Open day at HIØ


Tuesday 14.April. The union Lions at Rolvsøy.
Monday 12.January: The union Livskraft, Sandefjord.


Tuesday 26.August: NTNU in Trondheim. The student union NABLA was the organiser.
Friday 15.August: Hessdalen, for "PH-friends".
Wednesday 18.June: CNES, Paris, France.
Tuesday 29.January: Østfold College at Halden, for students and staff at Faculty of Computer Sciences


Thursday 30.August: NTNU in Trondheim. The student union NABLA was the organiser.
Friday 17.August: 7th Biennial SSE European Meeting, Røros in Norge.


Thursday 31.August: NTNU in Trondheim. The student union NABLA was the organiser.
Tuesday 27.June: Alternativfestivalen.
Saturday 17.June: INAF. ICPH was the organiser. Italy.


Thursday 29.September: Presentation for the senior citizen group "Trivsel" in Halden.
Friday 19.August: NTNU in Trondheim. The student union NABLA was the organiser.
Sunday 17. July: EISTA 05, Orlando, Florida, USA.


Saturday 6.November: MUFON-CES in Frankfurt, Germany.


Monday 3.November: Halden Lions.
Sunday 6.July: Presentation on a PEARtree meeting at Forbes College, Princeton University.
Wednesday 7.May: Onsøy Rotary.
Thursday 27.March: Presentation for the "Subbus" group in Ålen.
Wednesday 5.March: Presentation for a group of German journalists in Ålen.
Monday 10.February: Druidlosje in Moss


Wednesday 20.November: Fredriksten Rotary at Park Hotell in Halden
Thursday 14.November: Folkvang school, 5 to 7 class.
Friday 27.September: Research days at Faculty of Engineering, Østfold University College. Science Camp
Tuesday 24.September: Research days at Faculty of Computer Sciences, Østfold University College.
Thursday 29.August: Hamar UFO group.
Saturday 10.August: Workshop in Ålen, close to Hessdalen.
Tuesday 14.May: IOGT, Sarpsborg.
Wednesday 24.April: SETV in Los Angeles, USA.
Saturday 20.April: ICRL-meeting at Princeton, USA.
Friday 5.April: Marker ungdomsskole.
Monday 18.March: Hafslund ungdomsskole.
Friday 15.March: Teachers conference at Østfold University College.


Tuesday 27.November: (Massimo Teodorani) Conferenza all'Euratom, Italy
Thursday 15.November: Bergen Realistforening.
Friday 15.August: Workshop: Future research on the Hessdalen Project.
Thursday 31.May: Istituto di Radioastronomia, Medicina, Italy
Friday 30. March: Ullerøy Idrettslag Old Boys.
Tuesday 20.March: Skjeberg Lions.


Tuesday 28.November: 7.class on Torsnes school.
Thursday 29.Juni: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University
Tuesday 30.May: School of Computer Sciences, Østfold College.
Monday 20.March: 4.class on Torsnes school.
Monday 13.March: Røros Reiselivslag, at Bjørgåsen Fjellstue, Holtålen county.
Wednesday 8.March: Pensjonistakademiet, Sarpsborg.
Monday 28.February: NTNU, the students activity week
Friday 11.February: Holtålen county, Bjørgåsen Fjellstue, about Norwegian UFO Centre Ltd
Sunday 30.January: UFO-conference 2000, Oslo


Thursday 28. Oktober: Skjeberg Historielag.
Friday 15. October: 4.class on Berg school.
Tuesday 12. October: Tune Lions, Sarpsborg
Monday 28. June: Tisleiafestivalen, Golsfjellet
Wednesday 2.June: Tempelridderordenen, Fredrikstad
Friday 14.May: Istituto di Radioastronomia, Medicina, Italy
Wednesday 24.March: Sarpsborg Tekniske Forening


Friday 9.October: Fourth Biennial SSE European Meeting, Valencia in Spania.
Friday 2.October: Hessdalen Samfunnshus, Hessdalen
Sundag 27.September : Norsk Luftfartsmuseum i Bodø, klokken 14:00
Thursday 19.Mars : Bergen Realistforening
Tuesday 20.January : Skjeberg Folkehøgskole


Friday 24.October : Guest lecture at University of Tromsø.
Tuesdag 30.September : Workshop organized by SSE at Kykuit, New York in USA. Participants
Sunday 1.June : Trøndelagsutstillingen 97. Speilsalen ved hall A på Nidarø
Tuesday 11.March kl.10.30: IASTEs Næringslivsdag 1997. Norges Landbrukshøgskole


Thursday 17.October : Lodge in Sarpsborg. Travel to Mexico
Thursday 10.October : 15.min. innlegg og paneldebatt. Festiviteten i Levanger.
Friday 27.September : Østfold College, Sarpsborg
Monday 25.March : Hornnes school, 5.klasse
Thursday 14.March : Druide-losjen i Sarpsborg. Travel to Australia
Friday 1.March : Sandbakken ungdomsskole, 7.klasse


Monday 22.May: CNR, Bologna, Italy
Friday 19.May: CNR-Radioastronomistation, Medicina, Italia
Saturday 06.May: Ålbyggelaget, Oslo
Wednesday 26.April: Kolberg 4H, Onsøy :
Friday 07.April: Råde 4H
Wednesday 22.March: Tek-Uka, HIØ Sarpsborg
Thursday 16.March: Fysisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo
Thursday 16.February: Norsk Parapsykologisk Selskap, Oslo
Saturday 11.February: Østfold Bygdeungdomslag
Thursday 5.Januar: HIØ IA-avdelingen


Thursday 14.December: Losje. Sarpsborg
Wednesday 7.December: IR´s FoU-utvalg, Sarpsborg
Wednesday 19.October: Gamlebyen Rotary, Fredrikstad
Tuesday 11.October: Borregaard Pensjonistforening, Sarpsborg
Monday 3.October: Moss Lions
Saturday 1.October: UFO-Norge. Landsmøte, Trondheim
Thursday 25.August: Second Euro-SSE Conference, Glasgow, Skottland
Friday 27.May: UFO-Hedmarken, Hamar kino
Thursday 24.March: First Int.workshop on the unknown atm. light phenomena in Hessdalen, Hessdalen
Wednesday 23.March: First Int.workshop on the unknown atm. light phenomena in Hessdalen, Hessdalen
Thursday 10.March: Norsk Kjemisk Selskap - Østfold avdeling
Thursday 3.March: Sarpsborg Tekniske Forening
Thursday 3.February: NIF Sarpsborg
Wednesday 19.Januar: Skjeberg Rotary


Thursday 4.November: Losje, Sarpborg
Wednesday 27.October: Humanetisk Forbund, Sarpsborg
Saturday 9.October: Hessdalen Samfunnshus, Hessdalen
Sunday 3.October : Family gathering at Hafslund
Monday 20.September : Vizitum '93, Salzburg, Østerrike.
Monday 16.August : Sarpsborg Rotary.
11.April : Lyon Conference, Lyon, Frankrike


Friday 11.December: Kurchatov Institute, Moskva. På Institute of Superconductivity and Solid State Physics
Wednesday 14.October : Klasse P3D, Østfold Ingeniørhøgskole
Wednesday 29.July : Third International Symposium on Ball Lightning, UCLA, Los Angeles. Lights at Kvikne and tracks by the lake Øydeskyvatn
Thursday 9. April : Tek-Uka at Østfold University College in Sarpsborg
Thursday 13.February : Losje i Sarpsborg


Friday 25.Januar : Degernes BU, Bøndenes hus i Degernes.


Monday 8.October : Sarpsborg Rotary.
Tuesday 26.June : Second International Symposium on Ball Lightning, Budapest, Ungarn
Wednesday 21.March : Skjeberg Rotary.
Thursday 1.February : Norsk Kjemisk Selskap, Østfold avdeling


15. March : Østfold Ingeniørhøgskole
09.January : Sarpsborg Parapsykologiske Forening


Desember : En gruppe franske turister.
24.April : Chateu Neuf, Oslo
28. March : Solbakken Folkehøgskole


19.May : UFO-Norge Landsmøte, Horten


15.October : Hessdalen Samfunnshus
25.March : Lillestrøm


13.September : FFI, Kjeller


19.November : Hessdalen Samfunnshus

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