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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2018.

2017 2019

20.10.2018 The participants in the Science Camp went home today.
19.10.2018 The students from Levanger high school, went home today.
17.10.2018 Young students from a school in Levanger (Vårtun Kristne oppvekstsenter) travelled home today. A student class from Levanger high school, who also shall participate in Science Camp, arrived in Hessdalen in the evening.
15.10.2018 A group of young students from a school in Levanger (Vårtun Kristne oppvekstsenter), who shall parcipate in Science Camp, arrived in Hessdalen tonight.
12.10.2018 The flight recording was repeared today.
11.10.2018 The radar in the Blue Box was repeared today.
05.10.2018 The participants in the Science Camp arrived in Hessdalen tonight.
15.08.2018 ASMET II, an all-sky cam with picture analysing software, was installet at the Blue Box, by researchers from the University of Würzburg.
28.06.2018 New servers at Østfold University College. This web ( is a part of these servers.
25.05.2018 The link 3D map put out today. By this you can move around in the Hessdalen valley. Thank you to the bachelorgroup consisting of Markus Yttergård Joelsen, Jon Bjørnar Andersen and Simon Berger.
16.05.2018 The two student groups delivered their bachelor project about Hessdalen today. It is a new alarmpicture/video system and a 3D travel in Hessdalen.
08.04.2018 The building of the station at mount Skarvan is finished.
04.04.2018 A bigger helicopter brought the heaviest parts for the new station to mount Skarvan.
23.03.2018 The Science Camp is finished today.
22.03.2018 A helicopter brought the first parts for the new station to mount Skarvan.
16.03.2018 The organisers and students, who have choosen the subject Fieldwork, arrived to Hessdalen today, to run Science Camp.


The station at mount Skarvan, Hessdalen
April 2018

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