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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2017.

2016 2018

29.09.2017 The Science Camp is finished today.
15.09.2017 The organisers and students, who have choosen the subject Fieldwork, arrived to Hessdalen today, to run the summer/autumn issue of the Science Camp.
18.08.2017 The alarm/video system and the flight detection system is running again. We are working with getting the cam1 and weather stations up again.
15.08.2017 The connection to cam1 and cam3 went down just past midnight, the 15 August. On the same connection as cam1 is the alarm/video system, the weatherstations and the flight detection. So there will be no weather data or flight data while the connection is down. We are trying to get the connection up again.
12.08.2017 The radar was put on the net today. - I (Erling Strand) had guiding in Hessdalen for a group of people.
11.08.2017 The power to the radar was connected, and the radar is running. -
A camera made at the University of Wurzburg arrived to Hessdalen today. A student from that university came, and tried to get it in operation. Sadly, it seems to be damaged during transportation? When it is repaired, it will be sat in operation. It is not a streaming camera, but a camera which take alarmpictures and video.
10.08.2017 The Blue Box was moved on the new foundation today.
09.08.2017 The tower was taken down today, so a new radar antenna could be mounted. Some old equipment were also removed. The tower was raised when the job was done.
08.08.2017 Entrepreneur Eivind Lillevold started the work of making a new foundation for the Blue Box today. The old foundation, made by big stones, was going apart. The Blue Box could fall down.
01.04.2017 The Science Camp is finished today.
23.03.2017 The organisers and students, who have choosen the subject Fieldwork, arrived to Hessdalen today, to run Science Camp, or Artic Camp, as this winter/spring issue of Science Camp is called.

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