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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2001.

2000 2002

23.12.2001 The ISDN-connection to the station was fixed some minutes past 3 P.M.
20.12.2001 The ISDN-connection to the station was lost between 3 P.M. an 4 P.M.
19.12.2001 Much snow and wind today, made the zoom-camera, which is mounted on a pan-tilt unit, to not be able to move anymore.
12.12.2001 The two-camera computer started at 11 A.M.
11.12.2001 ISDN-connection to Hessdalen AMS is up again, just before 5 P.M. The two-camera computer is down.
09.12.2001 ISDN-connection to Hessdalen AMS went down at about 5:05 P.M.
07.12.2001 Made a 2min20sec part of the video from Oppdal, which was recorded on the 18.January 2001.
07.12.2001 Made the page Zoom camera alarm, which show the pictures taken by the zoom-camera, just after it has moved into the direction of the lightphenomena. This system is not adjusted, so now will it "hit" the target only in some directions. Mostly it "miss" the target. The software shall be rewritten, so that it can "hit" most times.
27.11.2001 The date and time in the two computers, two-camera and pan-tilt, is now adjusted, nearly all the time, with an exact correct clock. - So the date and time you will find in the name of the pictures from the two-camera and the zoom-camera, is now exact correct. That is the pictures which include the text "cam1", "cam2" or "color" in the filename. The date and time that is shows in the picture itself, is coming from a date-and-time unit which only can be adjusted when you are in the station. That time then not be exact correct. It is also showing the time in the summer, which is one hour wrong in the wintertime.
24.11.2001 A sensor in the network Global Consciousness Project was installed in the station.
24.11.2001 Danish TV2 is making a documentary about Hessdalen and the phenomena.
20.10.2001 The report EMBLA 2001: The Optical Mission, from the research in Hessdalen this summer, is published today.
06.10.2001 Interview of observers in Hessdalen.
22.08.2001 Massimo Teodorani and Simona Righini are leaving from Hessdalen today. .. There have also been other journalists, researchers and tourists from Italy in Hessdalen during the periode from 24.07 to 22.08. Most of them have arrived on short notice, and have not been part of the original team. That is why they are not mentioned here.
21.08.2001 Stelio Montebugnoli, Jader Monari, Marco Poloni, journalist Giorgia Bottazzi and Giancarlo Gambetti leave from Hessdalen today.
18.08.2001 Richard Norland is leaving Hessdalen.
17.08.2001 Workshop
17.08.2001 Ole Johan Løkberg is arriving for the workshop. He leaves the same day.
17.08.2001 Richard Norland is arriving Hessdalen.
14.08.2001 Stelio Montebugnoli, Jader Monari, Marco Poloni, journalist Giorgie and Gioncarlo arrive in Hessdalen today.
12.08.2001 Andrea Cremonini is leaving from Hessdalen today.
28.07.2001 Andrea Cremonini arrive in Hessdalen today.
26.07.2001 The SGI-Indy computer is now back in work again. It was the vidoe-input on the SGI-Indy computer that was broken.
25.07.2001 Massimo Teodorani and Simona Righini are coming to Hessdalen today. Visit by journalist from Dagbladet.
24.07.2001 The first italian researchers is arriving Hessdalen. Flavio Gori with wife and daughter are coming today.
09.07.2001 The SGI-Indy computer that takes alarm- and hour pictures was turned off today, so it will stop sending only black pictures. I will travel to Hessdalen the 22.July, trying to repair the system, and to get the new two-camera system working. (I hope that is not damaged as well)
07.07.2001 A lot of thunder in Hessdalen the last days. The camerasystem stopped working today, just after 13:00. The camera do only send black pictures.
28.06.2001 A new page, with pictures from the installation of the new system at the station.
17.06.2001 We traveled back to Sarpsborg, even if we was not finished. We had to. We will finished the system later this summer.
16.06.2001 At 11:00 PM was the 9 meter hight mast raised up. On top of that there is a radar. Just below that there is one of the cameras on the two-camera system. And then there is a color-CCD, mounted on a pan-tilt unit.
12.06.2001 Bjørn Gitle Hauge, Jens Christian Skibakk and myself, Erling Strand, travel to Hessdalen to install more equipment in the station.
31.05.2001 Bjørn Gitle Hauge, Leif Lervik and myself, Erling Strand, was at CNR Instituto di Radioastronomia outside Bologna, for participating at a workshop and for discussing the plans for EM-measurements in Hessdalen.
19.04.2001 The student group VLF - detection and analysis is in Italy, at CNR Instituto di Radioastronomia outside Bologna, to develop a lowfrequency system for Hessdalen.
19.03.2001 The student group: Radardetection of atmospheric lightphenomena, start their work with the radar.
12.02.2001 Visit by prof. Tullio Regge, dr. Rosanna Cester and prof. Federico Tibone from Italy.
05.02.2001 The SGI computer was installed, and are working again. It startet at 1:30 PM. The camera view is in action again.
30.01.2001 The PC that measure the magnetic activity stopped working today. It is really old (Pentium 100MHz) and should have been upgrated. Has anyone a PC, with an analog card, to offer? (Linux)
30.01.2001 SGI reports that the computer is ok, and will be send back to Hessdalen today.
24.01.2001 The SGI Indy computer is send to SGI for repair.
22.01.2001 The SGI Indy computer failed today, just after 3:00 PM. There is not any camera view from the valley now.
18.01.2001 Between 11:00 P.M. and 11:45 was a light phenomena recorded on to video-tape, 8 km south of Oppdal, which is a town west of Hessdalen. Have a look at the map. The observers saw the phenomena in direction south-east.
18.01.2001 A meeting between three of the main leaders of the Østfold College, and two of the Project Hessdalen team (Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge), discussing the possibility of, and the Østfold College interest in, being the organiser of the next European SSE meeting at Røros. Sadly, there were no interest from the main leaders of the Østfold College for that.
04.01.2001 Bjarne Lillevold told that many people had seen the phenomena 7.December.
03.01.2001 The new Linux PC has been stolen from Østfold College, one time during the Christmas. This PC should have been the one with the new "two-camera system".
02.01.2001 Observation of a phenomena above mount Finnsåhøgda, at 6 P.M., by Peder and Ingmar Grønås.

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