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Backlog of the Project Hessdalen 3. guestbook

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Project Hessdalen - Guestbook old 3.
From 01.01.1997 to 25.06.1997

Date: Wed Jun 25 05:19:33 METDST 1997
Name: Theodosios ([email protected]) at


You provide interesting information on this page

Date: Tue Jun 24 14:58:36 METDST 1997
Name: Jacques Poulet ([email protected]) at portA18.Generation.NET

Subject: Interesting!

I found this very interesting, I would have like to see the missing pictures. If you ever install them, please let me know, Thanks.

Date: Mon Jun 23 09:02:25 METDST 1997
Name: Et lite Alien Barn () at

Subject: ALIENS

Jeg vet det finnes mange bilder av UFOer p� nettet, men finnes det bilder av ALIENS?

Date: Mon Jun 23 08:57:26 METDST 1997
Name: Dag H-ALIEN () at

Subject: UFO

Det er p� tide att folket begynner � forst�. -Bra INFO!

Date: Tue Jun 17 11:25:28 METDST 1997
Name: Ivar Volden med f�rsteelskerinnen Ingrid () at

Subject: Hessdalen

UFO er ingen ting og bare tull Hilsen ikke-troende �lbygger. Dessuten er Jan Moen en idiot. UFo'er reiser jo ogs� uten registreringsnummer !!!!!! Enig med svenskene som sier at hessdalinger ser UFO p� grunn av all innavelen i dalen.

Date: Thu Jun 12 10:05:53 METDST 1997
Name: Petter M. Jacobsen (Petter_M_J@hotmail) at


Hei ! Hei ! Hilsen til alle UFO intereserte ! Em�el

Date: Thu Jun 12 10:05:35 METDST 1997
Name: Petter M. Jacobsen (Petter_M_J) at


Hei ! Hei ! Hilsen til alle UFO intereserte ! Em�el

Date: Sun Jun 8 21:14:16 METDST 1997
Name: B. Peperkamp () at

Subject: asutsa time lapse vcr

I'm looking for parts from a Asutsa time lapse vcr. If you know where i can get them, i'm very pleased. Hermes Electronics t.a.v. Bart Peperkamp Herderplein 24-25 3533 BP Utrecht (holland) telephone : 0032-30 2940094 fax : 0032-30 2938082

Date: Sat Jun 7 17:59:38 METDST 1997
Name: Roger Pettersson ([email protected]) at

Subject: Hej, fr�ga om stuga eller dyligt????

Hej, vi ska �ka till Hessdalen i juli m�nad. F�r att f�rhoppningsvis f� en skymt av de s� omtalade fenomenen i Hessdalen! Finnes det stugor i n�r anknytning till Hessdalen att hyra??? Finnes det karta �ver Hessdalen omr�det, d�r flest fenomen observerats. Tack p� f�rhand :Roger, Leif, Svante & Janne. Hoppas p� ett svar......

Date: Sat Jun 7 13:10:21 METDST 1997
Name: Anders H furuset () at


Date: Mon Jun 2 08:53:12 METDST 1997
Name: andreas krognes ([email protected]) at

Subject: messages

i am tired of the information you hold back. We ordinary people are entitled to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You are not the only one that knows. We can take and understand the truth now. We are ready. In 1997 the truth eventually will come out. You know it and I know it. Let the world know. We are not alone.

Date: Sun Jun 1 19:20:16 METDST 1997
Name: lise (tetetete) at

Subject: ufo

Date: Sun Jun 1 19:16:59 METDST 1997
Name: lise () at

Subject: ufo

Date: Thu May 29 19:46:05 METDST 1997
Name: chocolate () at

Subject: the truth is out you ,nuthead

Date: Wed May 28 13:17:14 METDST 1997
Name: Robert Adam ([email protected]) at

Subject: FLIR

I need a compact FLIR, not expensive for range up to 1.5km for pertable system, preferably not needing cooling. Please send info and details.

Date: Thu May 22 18:23:44 METDST 1997
Name: mr.x ([email protected]) at

Subject: ufo

I want contakt whit peopel who had party whit aliens in a space ship.

Date: Thu May 22 18:21:07 METDST 1997
Name: mr.x ([email protected]) at

Subject: ufo

I want contakt whit peopel who had party whit aliens in a space ship.

Date: Tue May 20 10:45:36 METDST 1997
Name: ( ) at


Date: Mon May 19 22:59:04 METDST 1997
Name: Amanda. ([email protected]) at 1Cust28.Max15.Washington.DC.MS.UU.NET


Date: Mon May 19 21:22:32 METDST 1997
Name: ( ) at


Date: Wed May 14 09:12:39 METDST 1997
Name: Erling Strand ([email protected]) at

Subject: Answer to Kjetil's request

You can see one picture at:
this is picture A8 in my report:

Date: Tue May 13 19:48:51 METDST 1997
Name: Kjetil Kjernsmo ([email protected]) at

Subject: I want to see spectra

Hi there! Wouldn't you put out the spectra obtained for all to view? I mean, it is pretty exciting, as far as I know, it is the first time anybody have even got close to get a spectrum from a UFO, and I am sure there are many people out there who would love to see it and give one or two advices.

Date: Tue May 13 04:19:13 METDST 1997
Name: John Covington ([email protected]) at

Subject: This is what the UFO community needs....

It should be done in all flap areas. The San Luis Valley, Area 51, etc. If it was and some data was gathered it would be better than sighting, and eyewittness reports. I have seen a video of something that was video taped for 20 minutes. The video shows something but doesn't provide data that can be used to prove anything. If we had spectral data of it we would know something.

Date: Mon May 12 04:36:32 METDST 1997
Name: Jean Vezina ([email protected]) at

Subject: Congratulations for your work

I appreciate strongly your work on unidentified aerial phenomena. Your organization is one of the very few in the world that truly makes use of the scientific method for studying this enigma. I am sending this message from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Date: Mon May 5 04:05:35 METDST 1997
Name: Ulf Fredrik Olsen. ([email protected]) at

Subject: En glimrende side

som project Hessdalens fortjener � bli tatt alvorligere enn det mange bes�kende gj�r om man legger "visittkortene" i gjesteboken til grunn. I "debatten" i mediene stilles det automatisk likhetstegn mellom Hessdalsfenomen/UFO og bes�k fra andre planeter, noe som ingen hverken kan bekrefte eller avkrefte. I s� m�te gj�r Project Hessdalen en frivillig innsats p� linje med R�de Kors etter min mening. All st�tte videre!

Date: Fri May 2 15:08:26 METDST 1997
Name: Thomas McGinn ([email protected]) at

Subject: Maps

Have you researchers' done any planing with satilites to get an arial view of the valley during on of the phenomenoms occur. Also do you have any maps of the valley and it's range form the North pole.

Date: Thu May 1 00:48:11 METDST 1997
Name: noe (J9991F) at

Subject: Hi

You need to put a REAL station modle

Date: Tue Apr 29 21:13:58 METDST 1997
Name: Robert Dillon (grdillon @sn no) at

Subject: sightings

Has there been any more sightings in 96/97 if so is there any information hilsen robert

Date: Tue Apr 22 14:32:16 METDST 1997
Name: Hanne Kristin Haugen ([email protected]) at

Subject: UFO

Kjempe morsomt at det g�r an og finne s� mye stoff om Hessdalen og UFO !! Bra sider ! Tror, uten tvil!

Date: Sun Apr 20 00:39:43 METDST 1997
Name: Kalle kurt () at


Date: Wed Apr 16 17:56:59 METDST 1997
Name: ( ) at


Date: Sat Apr 12 18:28:56 METDST 1997
Name: ( ) at


Date: Fri Apr 4 01:54:11 METDST 1997
Name: ANGIE ([email protected]) at



Date: Sat Mar 29 19:15:24 MET 1997
Name: JOHN D."SAM" ([email protected]) at

Subject: UFO****-------

I feel much of the UFO confusion is due to the flight testing of the PDE over international airspace.,the rest is rubbish.Take it EZ guys*

Date: Thu Mar 27 12:37:49 MET 1997
Name: Magnus M��tt� () at

Subject: UFO


Date: Wed Mar 26 12:26:25 MET 1997
Name: Cp barn (---------------------------) at

Subject: Johabbe, Virta

J�vla bra sidor haista paska perkelen vittu!!

Date: Tue Mar 25 21:42:45 MET 1997
Name: KUNT ([email protected]) at

Subject: cghchc


Date: Tue Mar 25 21:42:43 MET 1997
Name: KUNT ([email protected]) at

Subject: cghchc


Date: Tue Mar 25 02:58:08 MET 1997
Name: Mark L. Foust ([email protected]) at

Subject: Need help?

Dear Hessdalen Project, My name is Mark Foust. I'm a photographer living in the USA. I caught a program called "SciTrek" on "The Discovery Channel" that featured story about the Hessdalen Phenomenon. I was quite intrigued upon hearing about this as I'm planning a trip to Norway this summer. I'll be there from June 12 through July 4. After checking my topo map I realized I was planning to go through this area to take photo's. I thought I would write to find out if could be of any assitance to your project while I'm in the area. I'll have several 35mm cameras, lenses from 28mm to 500mm, motor drives and auto winders. I also wanted to make sure I wouldn't "get in the way" of any of your activities. Thank You for your time,

Date: Sun Mar 23 23:23:25 MET 1997
Name: Dean Kaumans ([email protected] ) at

Subject: Earth Lights

I saw the show on earth lights on the Discovery Channel 3-22-97. There is a city near Joplin, Missouri, called Hornet in which there is a "Spook Light". It appears nightly, travels about 1 mile down a gravel road, and then repeats itself. It creats about the amount of light as a dim car light, but much larger. When it gets close to you, (30 feet or so) it dims and goes out, but can still be seen by people further behind you. It is very well known in the area.

Date: Sat Mar 22 06:48:04 MET 1997
Name: ola wind�s ([email protected]) at


well done

Date: Wed Mar 19 21:11:13 MET 1997
Name: sinbad () at

Subject: pol,presto

listen to the birds

Date: Wed Mar 19 21:11:06 MET 1997
Name: sinbad () at

Subject: pol,presto

listen to the birds

Date: Wed Mar 19 18:12:21 MET 1997
Name: Johan Meissner ([email protected]) at

Subject: My page!

BTCC Nyheter uppdateras s� fort det kommer n�gra BTCC nyheter!

Date: Wed Mar 19 04:33:00 MET 1997
Name: C K ([email protected]) at

Subject: Project : Falcon

Hope your luck is better than most. My prayers and best wishes are with you. With luck you will break the code. It will only be time for they will know the truth. Let's hope the world is ready to accept it. Good Luck, Agent 1319.

Date: Mon Mar 17 17:59:00 MET 1997
Name: Arne Bang ([email protected]) at


bra side!

Date: Fri Mar 14 13:56:19 MET 1997
Name: �ystein WEstern drummer in painskill ([email protected]) at

Subject: Heisan alle sammen Send meg bilder, faq-files etc til meg som omhandler UFO. Holder nemlig p� med et prosjekt i 1. klasse p� gre�ker vgs.

Date: Fri Mar 7 19:33:16 MET 1997
Name: B. Starrett ([email protected]) at

Subject: Bravo Hessdalen Team Players!!

Finally, a serious investigation into this mystery. If only I had the knowledge and the skill. I hope the team will be updating the Net. I send my best. Be careful. Look out for everyone and don't take any chances that could be dangerous.

Date: Thu Mar 6 08:48:16 MET 1997
Name: Erling Strand ([email protected]) at

Subject: Info om Hessdalen

Ta en titt p�:

Date: Thu Mar 6 01:54:42 MET 1997
Name: Kim T. Almli ([email protected]) at

Subject: Ufo

Hjelp, Ufo - Trondheim..Planlegger tur til Hessdalen.Trenger mer Info.Kan noen hjelpe?? Takk..

Date: Sat Mar 1 18:48:54 MET 1997
Name: Roar (Str�mmen) (?) at

Subject: Til Erling

Har du ikke oppklart dette fenomenet enn� ?

Date: Fri Feb 28 10:06:24 MET 1997

Subject: uffos


Date: Thu Feb 27 18:00:47 MET 1997
Name: Luke Olson ([email protected]) at

Subject: ball lighting

I am giving a seminar on ball lightning to finsh my undergraduate degree in Phyics. Just checking out you site. The Hessdalen phenomenon what got me interested. If you have any suggestions on where to look for the different theories on the physics involved in this phenomenon I would be very interested. Thanks...great web site.

Date: Wed Feb 26 23:26:17 MET 1997
Name: Rune Kristenl�kken ([email protected]) at

Subject: Viktig

It's like The X-Files! ======================

Date: Tue Feb 25 23:26:37 MET 1997
Name: Ann Torild Petersen ([email protected]) at

Subject: Bilde av orange kule.

Jeg har sett lingnende lysfenomen i Surnadal. Vinteren 1996 observerte jeg og noen venner denne "kulen" i flere minutter. Jeg antar at den var ca.500m fra oss,og den fl�y lavt og i sakte fart.

Date: Fri Feb 21 16:58:10 MET 1997
Name: Joar ([email protected]) at

Subject: Hallo!

Jeg tror ikke p� UFO-er,gj�r du? Det er tull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Wed Feb 19 08:02:42 MET 1997
Name: Nan Guk () at

Subject: ehhh, ufo kanskje?

Dere skal slutte med arbeidet deres, vi liker ikke at mennesker blander seg i sakene v�re!!!!!

Date: Sat Feb 15 16:33:14 MET 1997
Name: H. Fatih Kucukpetek ([email protected]) at

Subject: IR Cameras for Military Purposes

We need a detailed information about all the products and suppliers about the above subject. Thanks for your help

Date: Fri Feb 7 02:45:19 MET 1997
Name: Luis Hermida ([email protected]) at

Subject: Light Phenomena

I am a member of CRIDOVNI (Comisi�n Receptora e Investigadora de Denuncias OVNI). This is an Uruguayan Air Force reseach committee that investigate all UFO phenomena in our country. This Committee is 16 years old and has studied, up to this time, more than 600 reports. Last year we read some info about CRULP (Committee for Research of Unidentified Light Phenomena) in a local newspaper. We would like to exchange information about some light phenomena observed in the low atmosphere in Uruguay, that seems to be similar to the ones described in the newspaper article. Thank you very much for the attention you will pay to this request. Sincerely Luis Hermida, M.Sc. [email protected] fax 598 2 473965 tel 598 2 808720

Date: Sun Feb 2 13:55:44 MET 1997
Name: Mari Haugen ([email protected]) at

Subject: Hessdalen

Hi! I just wanted to sign your guestbook. Mari

Date: Tue Jan 28 19:20:24 MET 1997
Name: Frank Schirmer ([email protected]) at

Subject: English pages

Thank you for having English pages. I have been studying U.F.O.'s for 30 years and I appriciate the extra sources. Keep up the good work.

Date: Tue Jan 28 16:04:21 MET 1997
Name: Erling Strand ([email protected]) at

Subject: Nye sider

Idag er nye sider lagt inn: Ta en titt.

Date: Mon Jan 20 09:42:24 MET 1997
Name: Kristian Sandaker () at

Subject: Kristian Sandaker

Dette er meget intressangt

Date: Thu Jan 16 08:08:22 MET 1997
Name: Lars ([email protected]) at


DET OPPFORDRES TIL AT ALLE SOM SOM HAR EIN KOMMENTAR ARGUNMENTERER SAKELIGT OG UTFYLLENDE, SLIK AT DET KAN TREKKES\DISKUTERES MEININGER UT FRA INNSPILLENNE."Dette er en drittside " er ikkj interesang lesning, og gir ingen videre dialog og s�leis mulighet til forbedring.

Date: Thu Jan 16 08:05:30 MET 1997
Name: Lars ([email protected]) at


DET OPPFORDRES TIL AT ALLE SOM SOM HAR EIN KOMMENTAR ARGUNMENTERER SAKELIGT OG UTFYLLENDE, SLIK AT DET KAN TREKKES\DISKUTERES MEININGER UT FRA INNSPILLENNE."Dette er en drittside " er ikkj interesang lesning, og gir ingen videre dialog og s�leis mulighet til forbedring.

Date: Tue Jan 14 17:38:03 MET 1997
Name: Harald og Klaus () at

Subject: Hei

Vi bor i �len og det er best

Date: Tue Jan 14 17:27:41 MET 1997
Name: marsmann 1 () at


Dette var ei skjikkelig d�rlig side hilsenn tio mars menn fr� sverigen

Date: Sun Jan 12 17:03:29 MET 1997
Name: Svein Arnolf () at


Date: Wed Jan 8 15:50:46 MET 1997
Name: WIKING ([email protected]) at

Subject: GO FOR IT

I SEEN A UFO 1997-01-05

Date: Sun Jan 5 13:46:43 MET 1997
Name: xx at


Morn der!! Jeg er interrasert i UFO'er, s� jeg skrev Hessdalen i AltaVista! Da fikke jeg alt dette her, som jeg ikke har lest ferdig enn�.

Date: Sun Jan 5 04:08:22 MET 1997
Name: Mentz Kaarb� ([email protected]) at

Subject: Test

Jeg er nok en gang inne Prosjekt Hessdalens hjemmesider. H�per du fikk e-mailen min, sendt for en time siden. Vi snakkes.

Date: Sun Jan 5 02:47:19 MET 1997
Name: Joann Haines ([email protected]) at

Subject: great! work !

Thank you for letting me see your pictures & Movies. you have some real interesting information, keep the good work up and Best of Wishes for the New Year [email protected]

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