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Project Hessdalen - Interesting pictures 9.November 2013

These two pictures are out a serie of pictures which were taken in the night between the 8. and 9. November 2013, by Jesper Brodersen. The camera was on a tripod at the field just above (at the eastern side of) Peder farm (Bredsl&ealig;ttet). Jesper set the camera to take a picture automatically every 12 second. The exsposuretime was 10 seconds. So there are 2 seconds missing between each picture. When the pictures were studied later, two interesting pictures were found.

The camera was a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. with f/2.8 , ISO-10000, Focal 25 mm

This flashing light is so equal of what you could expect to see from a plane, so it should be treated as a light from a plane, - even if we haven't confirmed that it was a plane in that direction.

9. November 2013

9.nov kl. 01:20:30

Utsnitt av 9.nov kl. 01:20:30

9.nov kl. 01:20:42

Utsnitt av 9.nov kl. 01:20:42
To the left you see both pictures put together in one picture. It is 2 seconds between each picture, and we can see there are 2 "doble-flashes" (or 4 flashes) which are missing. That say there is a double-flash every second.

We can also see there are 9 double-flashes during the 10 seconds exposure time. That can be explained by saying the camera started to take the picture half a second before one double-flash, and ended half a second after the last double-flash. It is a flashing light, with the time between each double-flash of one second. The time between each two lights, which makes the double light, seems to be smaller for each double flash.

The flashing light is more than 8 km away, because it disappear behind mount Båttjønnhøgda, which is 8 km away.

The conclusion is: (Probably) a light from a plane, even if we haven't managed to verify it 100 prosent.

The direction to the light

The direction to the light

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