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Science Camp 2007

The main reson for running Science Camp is to increase interest for math and physics among young people. This is done by taking them out to an expedition, doing research on an unknown phenomena, the Hessdalen Phenomena. They bring instruments out in the nature, stay in a tent during the night, try to sleep a little, when (sometimes) the snow is falling.

The participants in the Science Camp 2007 was 23 pupils and 2 teachers from Tindlund Junior High School, and 24 pupils and 2 teachers from Gressvik Junior High School. 20 students from the 1. class in the branch of study "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at the faculty of engineering, Østfold College did also participate. Other participants were Gunnar Andersson, Thor Larsen, Bjørn Gitle Hauge and myself (Erling Strand) from Østfold College. Sigmund Brenna and Erik Skauen from Fredrikstad municipality pedagogic center, and Birthe Lavik Nordby from Sarpsborg municipality pedagogic center. From Italy participated science director Stelio Montebugnoli and scientist Jader Monari from Medicina Radiotelescope.

These groups of pupils and students were very keen on doing great science. They arrived Monday 17. September, in the evening. Due to bad weather, no groups went out in the mountains this day. First night out was from Tuesday to Wednesday. Wednesday morning were the groups taken back to the houses where they could sleep. On Wednesday evening, after some hours of sleep, did they go out in the mountains again. This time to a new location than they were the night before. Last nigh out was from Thursday to Friday. They went back home by bus Friday morning, September 21.

This Science Camp was very successfull. The weather became better and better during the week, and the big sightings happened Thursday night. It started around 21:30. The picture below was taken at 21:58, from mount Rognefjell towards mount Finnsåhøgda in the west-south-west. The exposuretime is 30 seconds.

Copyright (Bjørn Gitle Hauge ([email protected]))

The students and the pupils
Innovasjonsklassen On the left you see 1.class in the branch of study "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at the faculty of engineering, Østfold College. This is just before going back home.
Under to the left you see the pupils from Gressvik Junior High School, together with their two teachers. The picture beneath you see the pupils from Tindlund Junior High School.
Gressvik pupils Tindlund pupils

The press
The newspapers Fredriksstad Blad and Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad had journalists attending, from Monday to Wednesday. That made some headlines.

Fredrikstad Blad
Fredrikstad Blad 22.September 2007
Fredrikstad Blad Fredrikstad Blad
Fredrikstad Blad Fredrikstad Blad

Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad
Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad 20.September 2007
Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad
Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

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