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Observation done by people in the year 2022
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 24.10.2022 Time: 01:45 am Place: The UFO-camp at Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observers: Jannicke Roe and Line
Jannicke say: " We were at the UFO camp, looking towards west. We focused on the mountain with a lot of moss, in a more northern direction. Here, at 7:00 pm, did I see a light that went from above and down to the left. It suddenly appeared and disappeared before going behind the mountain peak. Didn't look like shooting stars, although there were plenty of them that night too. Had no tail and went straight down and not in an arc. My friend Line had seen a flash of light there a little before, but without saying anything to me then. Gradually the northern lights began to appear and were visible above the same mountain peak, so that we sat a lot facing this direction

At around 11 pm a black line began to form over the mountain top, which lasted for about 15-20 minutes, as you can see in the pictures. The line was in the same place where we saw the first flash of light and then the line of light. Then, at 01:42 am, Line noticed a light coming over the mountaintop in the same place. t went straight up and then went straight to the right (east). We followed it with our eyes as it crossed the horizon to the east. We tried to see if it was a plane, but thought the movements were too strange for that. There had been many planes earlier in the evening that were easy to see were planes. I started filming, but unfortunately I didn't get anything from the background to prove that I wasn't just fiddling with the camera. I believe I stood quite still, and if you watch the video in the dark with full brightness and zoom you can see the same star that comes out every now and then and stands quite still.

We thought it was remarkable and don't think it could have been an ordinary plane. We experienced it a little differently. I thought it was more red than Line, and at first I just saw it as flashes while Line saw it more consistently. Line didn't experience it spinning as much as I did. She thought the light was round with a small lump of light stuck on the left side. It didn't move that fast, but it lasted maybe 2 minutes, and we moved about 90 degrees around to follow it. The wind was blowing from the other side, i.e. from the southeast. A few degrees below zero maybe. I heard the sound of an airplane while we were looking at it. My son has an app and checked that there were no flights in the area at this time.

Ref. Jannicke Roe

Date: 20.08.2022 Time: 03:04 pm Place: Lunås, Hessdalen
Observer: Rune Røstad
It was Saturday 20 August 2022, at 03:04:00 pm when an anomaly occurred in connection with a property photo at Lunås in Hessdalen. It was windless, with beautiful summer weather on the flight, when something took control of the drone and initiated a maneuver that appeared to crash the drone into the ground. In addition to changing course so that the drone fell in height, it was also maneuvered to lean towards the south, in what can best be described as a crash manoeuvre. As a drone pilot, it was hopeless for me to gain control of the drone and I could only follow the unfolding event with my eyes. When the drone was 2 meters above the ground, the anomaly "let go" and the drone corrected its maneuver and remained above the ground.

The drone was photographing when the incident occurred. An image that was photographed at the time of the incident has not been fully processed, so something has disturbed the memory unit in the drone. The image is also somewhat out of focus, which may indicate that there must have been a powerful field that makes the camera think there is something close, since the camera chooses to change focus. In this case, this object was not visible to the eye or to the camera. Three anomalies thus occur on this flight.

The undersigned works as a professional photographer and has 15 years experience with photo systems, of which 10 years are with drones and is used to navigating a challenging environment. This was estimated to be a safe and unchallenging flight, with little or no disturbance in the surroundings, but still I got the error message "magnetic wrong disturbance". In contact with the drone supplier, the company had only experienced a similar case which was in Eastern Europe over a railway line. As a photographer, I have neither before nor since experienced such an incident and will remember the episode with discomfort.

Ref. Rune Røstad

Date: 26.07.2022 Time: between 12:00 am and 01:00 am Place: The UFO-camp at Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: ?
The observation was seen just above the UFO camp. A white ball which sparkled, changed shape while it was moving. Become a ball again and suddenly disappeared. The tide was about 3 seconds.

Ref. Hilde Vårhus

Date: 07.03.2022 Time: 10:30 pm Place: Øyungen, Hessdalen
Observer: ?
The observer write: "The light was seen from our cottage, close to the Øyungen lake (red circle in the map). The light showed up in the Gruvdalen valley and moved towards us while it went upwards. The light disappeared suddenly where the yellow arrow stop. Just a sharpe light. No strobe as on a plane, or any red or green light. This happened in the dusk, at 10:30 pm."

Ref. Jan Moen

Date: 26.02.2022 Time: 03:42 am Place: Birgerhytta at Langengan, Hessdalen
Observer: Helge Otterå
Helge was sitting outside, on the terrace, looking towards the west. Suddenly he saw a yellow/white ball of light, moving very fast downhill. About 2 seconds later it was gone.


Ref. Helge Otterå

Date: 24.02.2022 Time: 6:35 pm Place: At the road by the community house, Hessdalen
Observers: Anonymous
We were walking at the road from Hessdalsvegen 987 (Ufo-farm) towards the north. We saw a white light which disappeared, and come back as a red light in the wood behind Rognåsvollen (a hill towards north-east). A car was passing us, so we were unsure if it could have been any reflection from the windows on the car. When we had passed the community house (on the right side of the road), I turned my head and saw a light. It shanged from white to red when it was moving between Rognsåa og Rognåasvollen og Hesja (the river). It disappeared suddenly. Just after did we see a plane moving southward just above the horizon, in direction Brattsetret/Heggsel.

Then I see a strong, clear and white ball of light, higher up in the sky above Hessdalen. It was below the clouds. The plane we saw was above the light clouds. The white ball of light stood still for 1-2 seconds before it increased to double size and changed the color to blue and disappear.

The first light, which changed from white to red and disappeared did not change in size before it disappeared

Ref. The observer

Date: Time: Place: Hessdalen
Observer: ?


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