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Observation done by people in the year 2016
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 24.09.2016 Time: ca.09:30 PM Place: Lake Skarvtjønna
Observers: Anonymous
It had gone about 15 minutes since we left the stone at Båttjønna. We stopped on the road at the location with the view you see in the picture below. Across the lake Skarvtjønna did we see three orange lights hovering above the small lake. The two lights in the middle moved simultaneously such that they stood in front of the third light, now and then. It then looked as they were part of one unit. We observed these light for a while before I turned my headlight on and walked towards them. I walked about 30 meters towards the water, when they disappeared suddenly. When I went back to the road, did they came back, but this time it was five lights. They hovered above the water and moved subtly up and down, and sideways on a synchronous manner. Occasionally disappeared the lights and then coming back again. I suppose this lasted for an hour.

While the observations described above happened, did we see a white light (1) pointing towards us, which disturbed us while we saw the 5 yellow lights howering above the small lake. We thought it was a person with a flashlight.

The white light went down in the middle of the swamp, and illuminated a long distance (1a). Just after one of the orange lights had gone, a new orange light showed up on the right side of the road. It come very close to us, 3 meters, and moved away fast when we used our flashlight towards it (2b). Just afterwards did a small white light (1b) show up left upwards of the orange light. It looked like it had moved from the swamp and up on the top of the tree. This light illuminated the area, and was strong in our direction, as if there were some kind of spotlight. This lasted only max 3 seconds before it suddenly disappeared. We both had the impression of that it was this light we first believed was a person with flashlight.

Just beside the orange light came a small, dark-blue light (3). Both stood still a few meters above the ground. The five orange balls of light over the lake Skarvtjønna, disappeared while this happened. A white light showed up again high up, and was flashing red and blue some seconds before it disappeared (1c), while 3 and 2b was obeve the ground. The three flashes from 1c were strong, and lasted about half a second each. We had been there two and a half hours and had to go back. The orange light was still above the swamp close to lake Skarvtjønna when we went back home.

In most of the time we believed it was a flashlight, but it could not be. Who would use a flashlight one hour in our direction, while the phenomenon was above the small lake? That gives no sense. The light went on and off with unregular intervals. The light was also too stable to be a handheld flashlight. When this light also suddenly showed up in the middle of the swamp, and move very fast up in the air, and shine down towards us. All these happenings made us take away the flashlight hypothesis.

Ref. Tomas Dahl

Date: 24.09.2016 Time: 08:50 PM Place: Lake Båttjønna
Observers: Anonymous
At 08:50 PM did we observe two white flashing light above the trees you can see in the picture. We sat with our back to the stone you can see in the picture. The lights were first seen on the right before they disappeared, and showed up to the left seconds later. Then they disappeared completely. After about 5 minutes, the two white lights came back where we first saw them. There they stood for about 30 seconds before they disappeared completely. It all lasted approximately 10 minutes total. We then walked along the road towards north. We passed a hunting team who worked with putting up a Sami tent.

Ref. Tomas Dahl

Date: 09.02.2016 Time: 5:50 P.M. Sted: Vårhus
Observer: Bjørn Lillevold
Bjørn was driving his car towards south in Hessdalen. When he was at Vårhus, did he see a light towards south, over mount Litlfjellet. The light went fast from the west to the east. There were no flshing. Bjørn managed to take this picture with his mobile phone camera.

Ref. Bjørn Lillevold.

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