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Observation done by people in the year 2014
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 13.12.2014 Time: 8:47 P.M. Place: Heggset, Hessdalen.
Observer: Bjørn M. Vik
Bjørn was walking towards north at the main road at Heggset. Suddenly he see a rolling light about 50 to 100 m in front and above him. The light was moving from the east to the west, passing the road in front of him. The size was as a basketball. The light dimmed when it passed the road, and had then a weak light green colour. It looked as the light was rolling when it had passed the road. Total observation time was from 10 to 15 seconds.

Ref. Bjørn M. Vik.

Science Camp
Date:Wednesday 24.09.2014
TimeSeen fromDescription
11:17 P.M.SlettæletA white light in direction 220°.
11:06 P.M.SlettæletA strong flash in direction 14°. It was above the horizon.
10:25 P.M.SkarvanA light in direction 350°, over horisonten.
09:00 P.M.SkarvanA flashing light beneath the horizon, in direction 225°. It continied until 09:30 P.M. It was aurora borealis this night
08:40 P.M.SlettæletA light in direction 335°.

Science Camp
Date:Tuesday 23.09.2014
TimeSeen fromDescription
10:44 P.M.SkarvanA strong white light above the horizon, in direction 200°.
10:40 P.M.SkarvanA green light towards the north, beneath the horizon.
10:11 P.M.SkarvanA white light towards the north, beneath the horizon, at a small lake. At the time 10:27 P.M. the light split in two.
09:46 P.M.SkarvanA flash in direction 37°.
09:17 P.M.SlettæletA flashing light towards the north. It become weaker and weaker during the last 3 minutes.
09:08 P.M.SkarvanA white light in direction 296°. The light split in two.
09:01 P.M.SkarvanA flash in direction 53°.

Science Camp
Date:Monday 22.09.2014
TimeSeen fromDescription
01:37 A.M.
SkarvanA flashing light in direction towards the north-west.
10:38 P.M.SkarvanA flashing light in direction 25°.
10:15 P.M.SkarvanA flashing light in direction 25°.
09:52 P.M.SlettæletTwo flashing lights towards the north-west. They were about 70° above the horizon.
09:49 P.M.SkarvanA steady light in direction 25°. It is also aurora borealis now.
09:46 P.M.SlettæletA green light towards the north-west.
09:32 P.M.SkarvanA steady white light in direction 295°. It was below the horizon, and was seen for one minute.
09:18 P.M.SkarvanA steady light in direction 20°.
08:59 P.M.SkarvanA light in direction 20°.
20:57SkarvanA steady light in direction 5°.
20:46SlettæletA flash down to the river, in the north-west direction.


Date: 05.09.2014 Time: 06:00 A.M. (about) Sted: Hessdalen south.
Observer: Per Moen
Per had just got out of bed, and gone out the front door, just to "feel" the day. While he was standing outside he became aware of a light towards the north, down by the road. It looks like it was standing just by above the road ditch, with the left part reaching just out in the road and the right part reaching just out in the field. The light was red on the right side and white on the left side.

It was some trees between Per and the light. Per decided to go in and up to the terrace, to get a better view. During the few second it took to go in and up the the terrace, the intensity of the light had decreased a lot. During just some few more seconds the light was gone. It was as it turned off, slowly. Total observation time was about 30 seconds.

Ref. Per Moen.

Date: 05.05.2014 Time: 12:59 a.m. Place: Hessdalen south.
Observer: don't want her name to be published
The weather was light cloudy when the lady in the house woke up close to 01.00 in the night. From the bedroom she saw a light outside. It looked like it was standing still, above the horizon, in direction south-west, at mount Berghøgda. The size of the light was big, as the size of a fingernail on outstretched hand. The main colour was white, with some red and yellow. After a short while she saw the light was moving toward the west, and stoppet. The size become much smaller during the movement. Some seconds later it moved back to the first location and stopped. It was then standing still for about half an minute before it moved fast upwards, with a angle of about 45° towards south east. She went up and contacted her husband, who was in the dining room, but the light was disappeared. The observation period was 2 minutes, from 12:59 a.m. til 1:01 a.m..
Ref. Jan Moen.

Date: 18.01.2014 Time: 10:11 P.M. Place: Hessdalslia
Observers: Rune and Kristian Bremseth
Rune Bremset was driving up Hessdalslia late this Saturday evening. His son Kristian was sitting in the front seat. Rune's daughter Malin, and her friend Marthe Vik Vårhus was sitting in the back. Just before the last turn before you are at the top, saw Kristian and Rune a light crossing the road, less than 100 m from the car and 20 to 30 m above the trees. Kristian saw the light first. It had the colours red, green and yellow, and it had a tail. The size was as a basketball. The light was coming from mount Rognefjell with a high speed, crossing the road in front of the car, and disappered downhill. Malin and Marhe did not see it, because they were in the back and it happened so fast.
Ref. Jan Moen.

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