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Observation done by people in the year 2012
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 18. and 19.08.2012 Time: 11:50 P.M. and 00:10 A.M. Place: Slettælet, Hessdalen
Observers: Trond Seternes, Marius Enebakk, Unn Helene Fjeldstad, Knut Spydevold, Rita and Bjørn Kjeholt
At 11:50 P.M. did the observers see four big lights in direction north-north-west. The light "grow out" from the clouds. Then a beam of light come from the lights, pointing downwards. Then it just disappeared. Twenty minutes afterwards, at 00:10 A.M. it repeated.
Ref. Unn Helene Fjeldstad og Rita Kjeholt.

Date: The night between the 17. and 18.08.2012 Time: Duration from 11:00 P.M. to 01:30 A.M. Place: Mount Rognefjell, Hessdalen
Observers: Solveig Olin Bekken and a friend.
The observers was staying out this night, at mount Rogne. The firts lights were seen some time between 11:00 and midnight. Their first observation was a red light, standing still for a long time, above mount Finnsåhøgda, in direction north-west. Then it started to dance, and move downwards. Some time after that, lights was seen in other directions. They saw a green and blue light above mount Rogne, in a little sothern direction. It was several lights in small clusters. Sometimes small flashes was seen. Once, several lights standing in a horizontal line. These were far away. The green and blue light was closer. One time between 00:30 and 01:00 A.M., there was a big flash in the sky, probably coming from a lightning far away. The observation periode ended at about 01:30 A.M.
Ref. Solveig Olin Bekken.

Date: 17.08.2012 Time: 10:26 P.M. Place: Slettælet, Hessdalen
Observers: Per Alfred Halsaune, Tor Aas, Hilde Svelle, Mailen Nilsen, Heidi Kristin Jensen, Sølvi Anita Halsaune
An airplane was seen towards south-east, going north. Shortly afterwards a flash of light was seen in the some direction. Then they saw three red lights dancing around the plane, while it was going north.
Ref. Per Alfred Halsaune.

Date: 16.08.2012 Time: Between 11:00 and 11:30 P.M. Place: Hersjøen, Hessdalen
Observers: Unn Helene Fjeldstad, Knut Spydevold, Rita and Bjørn Kjeholt.
The observers were sitting outside on the western side of the cottage, which is located on the eastern side of the lake Hersjøen, Suddenly they see a ball of light coming up from the mountain, going straight up.
Ref. Unn Helene Fjeldstad.

Date: 20.04.2012 Time: 01:20 A.M. Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold
Bjarne was in his house, and saw out of the window to the noth. He saw a white light in the north-east direction. The light followed the hill side and moved down to the river. Total observation time was approx 30 seconds.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 01.03.2012 Time: 08:30 P.M Place: Lake Hersjøen, Hessdalen
Observers: Ole Jacob Sollie, Jacob Sollie and Kristin Nordaune
Ole Jacob was driving a snowmobile on lake Hersjøen, together with his son Jacob (11 years) and his niece Kristin (13 years). They saw a green light coming from the east, moving down with an angle, in front of, and just south of mount Brattbekken, in the west. It disappeared when it was in the hillside. It disappeared when it was below the horizon. The weather was calm, a few clouds and the themperature was - 2°C.
Ref. Ole Jacob Sollie.

Date: 25.02.2012 Time: at about 07:20 P.M Place: Fjellheim parking, Hessdalen
Observers: Tore Hitterdal and Carl Erik Leitao
The observers were at the parking place, when they saw a light in direction northeast. The light was seen two times during a 5 minutes periode, and it lasted about 10 seconds each time. During the first observation, the light split in two.
Ref. Jan Moen.

Date: 19.02.2012 Time: between 01:00 and 02:00 A.M Place: Fjellheim parking, Hessdalen
Observers: Martin Walther and Arne Wisth
The observers were at the parking place, in the middle of the night, due to recording of a film. They saw a light phenomenon in direction west/northwest, just above mount Skarvan. They saw the light three times, each with a duration of about 5 to 10 seconds. It was above the horizon.
Ref. Jan Moen.

Date: 18.02.2012 Time:11:40 P.M Place: Grøtådalen, Hessdalen
Observers: Anngerd Gildset
Anngerd was sitting on a sledge behind a snowmobile, when they were driving back home from Grøtådalen. She saw a light in direction north/northwest. Estimated distance was to the light was beneath 1000m, and it was underneath the horizon. The light looked like sparks/ lines of light / rocket, which was standing still, just above the ground. She saw the light just some seconds, because the snowmobile was driving into the farm, and something did block the line of sight. She moved to a place on her farm, where she could see it, but then it was gone.
Ref. Jan Moen.

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