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Observation done by people in the year 2006
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 05.12.2006 Time: 06:58 P.M. Place: Skarvan, southwest in Hessdalen, towards lake Øyungen
Observers: Rutt Marry Moe, Hallfrid and Bjarne Lillevold
Rutt Marry Moe had just parked her car at home, which is at Heggset. When she went out of the car, she became aware of a light moving downhill by the road at Finnsådalen. This is close to where Hallfrid and Bjarne Lillevold lives. Rutt Marry called Hallfrid by phone at 06:58 P.M., and told her what she just had seen. Hallfrid went out and saw two lights moving downhill Vårhuslia. The two lights was on each side of the road. Bjarne was sitting inside waiting for the news on TV. Hallfrid yelled to Bjarne that he should look out. Bjarne went to the window and saw the light, which at that time had reached Brattbekken, further north in Hessdalen. The two lights had moved downhill Vårhuslia, when they were close to the bottom they had turned north and followed the valley towards Brattbekken. The two lights was seen as only one light when it was at Brattbekken. It was not a big light. Bjarne estimated the size to be as a fotball. It was big enought to see that it rolled. Suddenly the light "exploded". Then this one light become three lights. A new explosion, and it was two lights. A new explosion, and it was one light. Then it was gone.
The temperature was +3,2°C and it was slight wind from south-west. It was a little bit cloudy. There is no snow in Hessdalen now.
Bjarne said he had seen similar explosions on a light in 1988. At that time was it a blue light. This time was it white.
Have a look at the GCP report.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

Date: 27.11.2006 Time: Between 05:15 and 05:45 A.M. (UTC: 04:15 and 04:45) Place: Singsås, 28 km northwest of Hessdalen
Observer: Eli Sesseng, � secretary at the church office in Ålen
Eli Sesseng tell: The light was just above the Tågå Mountain � a mountain between Budal and Singsås. My husband and I observed it through our bed room window. Our house is almost straight east of the Tågå Mountain across the valley. It was a huge moving light pulsating. Suddenly after approximately five minutes it started at a very high speed down the mountain side to the forest. It was colorless like an ordinary car light. We could see it towards the forests. I compared the size with the houses at the Mørseth farms which are just south of the sighting site. And it was much larger than the barns and main houses.

It stopped and I went to our study and picked up the binoculars and looked at it. Than it started to act like crazy � it zigzagged up the mountain side again almost at the same path and speed as it moved down and disappeared behind the top of the mountain. Now the colors were red, white and yellow. After approximately another five minutes it turned up again above the top. It hovered down almost to the ground where it stopped for a while. Suddenly it put on a very strong light and we could see the snow shining in the light. I still looked at it through the binoculars and in a split second �it turned off� the light without moving and everything became dark.

I also was outside on the deck listening for any sounds but there were none. When I looked at the clock I realized I have seen it for about half an hour. I was not afraid, only very exited to be one to see this phenomenon.

Locations (Google Earth):
Eli Sesseng�s house:
62°58'8.43'' N -   10°43'15.13'' E
Mountain side:
62°54'5.84'' N -  10°38'14.72'' E
Distance: Approx: 7-9 kilometers
Distance from VistaPoint: approx. 28 kilometers to the North West.
VistaPoint: 62°50'18.90''
Sites. Shows different locations using Google Earth
LightPath: Photo of the mountain side with drawn path seen from the living room.

Ref. Peder Skogaas - Regional NASA-Inspire Coordinator.

Date: 19.11.2006 Time: 03:10 A.M. Place: Skarvan, southwest in Hessdalen, towards lake Øyungen
Observer: John Arvid Aspås
Mr. John Arvid Aspås was not able to sleep and he went out of the bed some minutes past 02.00 (UTC). As usual he looked through the bedroom window and saw a big light in the south end of Hessdalen towards Skarvan. He noted the time to be 02.10 (UTC). The light came northwards at a high speed following the western edge of the valley and disappeared in the north passing Vista Point. The sighting lasted for about a minute. Since it was pitch dark Mr. Aspås is not quite sure about the size and distance but he is sure the light passed below the top of Finsåhøgda which means very near the AMS. Unfortunately the AMS was out of order at that time due to some power line breakdowns. But Mr. Aspås estimates the diameter to be 10-15 meters. He is colorblind and saw this only as a bright light without colors.
Note: The speed must have been more than 600 km/h. The valley is 10/12 kms long and the sighting lasted for about one minute.
Ref. Peder Skogaas - Regional NASA-Inspire Coordinator.

Date: 23.07.2006 Time: 00:30 A.M. Place: Slettælet, south in Hessdalen, south-east of lake Øyungen
Observer: Liv Børsand
Liv was standing outside looking at the beautiful view towards lake Øyungen, direction north-west. Suddenly she see a flash of light down towards river Hesja. The shape of the light is like an ellipse, with sharp ends. The observation lasted only a fraction of a second.
Ref. Liv Børsand.

Date: 21. and 22.07.2006 Time: Between 11:30 P.M. and 00:30 A.M. Place: Hessdalskjølen
Observer: Grethe Marie Belboe and Narve
Grethe Marie and Narve had located themself at Hessdalskjølen, looking towards mount Finnsåhøgda. They saw a lot of flashes between 11:30 P.M. and 00:30 A.M., both on Friday 21. and Saturday 22.July. All the flashes lasted less than 1 second. Most of them were white, like a star. Some few flashes were red. The activity varied. During some minutes there were high activity with a lot of flashes on several locations, then the activity become lower and stop for a couple of minutes. Then did the flashes start again, and stop again. It continued like that. There could be a lot of flashes on one location, then one single flash, then flashes all over the hillside. Some flashes were above the horizon, but they were more difficult to see, because the sky was not complete dark. It was difficult to find a pattern of the flashes during our 2 hours of observation (1 hour each night). Most of them seemed to be in direction of mount Finnsåhøgda. We went to bed in our tent when the activity was at very low level.
Ref. Grethe Marie Belboe .

Date: 13.06.2006 Time: 01:00 P.M. Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer Bjarne Lillevold
Bjarne was at his home at Vårhus looking towards lake Øungen in the south-west direction. Then did he see a phenomena which rolled around like a barrel. The sun was shining on it. The phenomena was dark on the souther side, the same side which the sun was shining. It was light on the northern side. The phenomena was at the same spot for 10 minutes. Suddenly it disappeared. Bjarne got the impression that it was far away.
Ref. Bjarne Lillevold.

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