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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2014.

2013 2015

17.11.2014 The upper station stopped working. Probably problems with the connection, because both the weather station (Station 2) and cam1 stopped sending data. It happened sometimes between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M.
27.09.2014 The packing is finished. We (Erling and Bjørn Gitle) are going back from Science Camp.
25.09.2014 The student's go back home from Science Camp. We (Erling and Bjørn Gitle) start packing.
21.09.2014 The student's are coming to Hessdalen, to participate in Science Camp.
20.09.2014 We (from HIØ who organize and run Science Camp) are going to Hessdalen, with the equipment for Science Camp.
13.09.2014 We are going back from Hessdalen. Finished with this year geological mapping.
06.09.2014 We (Erling, Bjørn Gitle and Anna Lena from Østfold University College) are going to Hessdalen. Together with scientists from France and Greece, we shall map some geological properties in Hessdalen.
14.05.2014 A new page today: The flight traffic above Hessdalen. Thanks to the student group BO14-G12 at the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Østfold University College
09.05.2014 A new page today: The weather. Thanks to the student group BO14-G15 at the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Østfold University College
08.05.2014 The weather station installation is finished. Go back home today.
05.05.2014 Travel to Hessdalen today, together with the student group BO14-g15: "Weather station" (Mikael Johansen Grimstad, Kristoffer Jensen, Kristian Norum Karlsen and Morten Lindstad), for installing weather stations.
25.04.2014 The periode where the soso-alarm system is in operation, was changed to 04.00 P.M. to 05:30 A.M. (UTC).
24.04.2014 The connection to the upper station, where cam1 is located, is broken.
06.01.2014 The students at the department of Information Technology at Østfold University College have started their final bachelor project. This is a big project which they work on during their last half year of their study. This year 3 groups choosed a project about Hessdalen: Airtrafic over Hessdalen, Weather stations in Hessdalen and An interactive travel in Hessdalen. They shall be finished with their project late May.

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