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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2010.

2009 2011

24.11.2010At 20:25 was the Hessdalen AMS repaired. At was the switch which had gone. Thanks to Kjetil Folde for his work in getting it back in operation.
15.10.2010At 22:36 did Hessdalen AMS stop sending pictures out on the net.
17.09.2010The french scientists (team 2) go back home today. They have been present some days to be sure the equipment is working properly. They bring back home data from the first days. Their equipment are now in operation in Hessdalen.
13.09.2010The french scientists (team 2) are now ready with the southern station. The equipment are running from this night.
11.09.2010The french scientists (team 2) are now ready with the northern station. The equipment are running from this night.
10.09.2010The students who participated in this year Science Camp, go back home today. A travel of approx 500 km. See the cover in NRK Tr´┐Żndelag.
09.09.2010The two other french scientists (team 2) have now arrived. They will install their own equipment. The stations will run on battery. A solar panel will help. One french scientist from team 1 and one italian scientist have a lecture about their work for the students who participate in Science Camp. Everyone of the young students are very interested.
08.09.2010The french scientists (team 1) have now installed their system in the AMS (blue box).
07.09.2010The french scientists (team 1) have now installed their equipment close to Peder farm. It will run for one week.
06.09.2010Science Camp start today. This year students comes from the junior high school Begby ungdomsskole, close to Fredrikstad, and Årjeng Gymnasieskola in Årjeng Sweden. Three french scientists do also arrive today (team 1). They will put up some low frequency EM detection and recording system in the AMS (blue box). Two scientists from Italy have also arrived.
30.08.2010The computers are running again. They have been down some days, due to a powerbreak. The firewall has been up all time. Thanks to Kjetil Folde.
05.08.2010The computers are running again.
24.06.2010Lightning in Hessdalen. The computers are down. I am planning to go there early August.
19.05.2010The studentgroup travel back. Follow their development here.
15.05.2010Erling Strand travel back to Sarpsborg
12.05.2010 The studentgroup and Erling Strand travel to Hessdalen for installing of the new station.
09.04.2010Going back from France. The meeting was successfull
06.04.2010 Going to France. We will have a meeting with french scientist, discussing cooperation.
18.01.2010 The student group "H10D09", working with upgrading Hessdalen Automatic station, start their work today. The group consist of the students Jonas Bro, Geir Eilertsen and Magnus Skaalsveen, from Østfold University College in Norway. They must be finished in the end of May.

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