Hessdalen - Step1 - Drawing of the camerasystem.

The new device is the video-timedelay and the date and the new version of the "date and time on videosignal"-equipment.

Most of the sightnings done by the exixting equipment is over before the video-recorder has started. It uses around 5 seconds to start, depending of the previous state. The SGI-computere uses 1 second to analyse the picture. It we put in a timedelay for the video-signal, which is more than these 6 seconds, we will get all sightnings, the SGI-computer do, on to the tape.

The new "date and time on videosignal"-equipment is needed whenever there will be more cameras in Hessdalen. All cameras have to have a timesignal on the tape, so we can compare the different tapes. We need then a date and time system which have a master clock, so that the timesignal on each camerascreen is coming from the some main clock. The system that is installed today, do not have that possibility.

Hessdalen AMS step1, drawing (big verson)

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