Hessdalen - A wide-angle picture from a hill west of the lake Hessjøen and north-east of the mountain Morkavollhøgda, south in Hessdalen

Hessdalen syd, utsikt mot nord

The photographer Gunnar Misund was standing on a hill, 968 meter above seelevel (mas), north-east of the mountain Morkavollhøgda, which is located south of the lake Øyungen. The hill is between the lakes Øyungen and Hessjøen. The picture is made out of several pictures, so that it covers more than 180°. You may se the mountain Røhovde on the other side og lake Øyungen. Røhovde is 1088 mas. Skarvan (975 mas) is the highest part of several small hills, located in the middel of Hessdalen. Between Skarvan and Røhovde can you see the mountain Båttjønnhøgda, which is 1068 mas. Behind Skarvan is the mountains Fjellbekkhøgda and Finnsåhøgda. Towards north-east, just above the word "Hessdalen", you may se the mountains Rognefjell (to the left) and Stordalshøgda (to the right). The picture was take 11.August 2000 by Gunnar Misund.

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